Does he love me or just using me?

ok. I'm in this situation right now.i met this GUY online then after a week we decided to meet up.THE FIRST DATE is awesome we clicked since then he's always visiting me.talking to me.we always hangout.HEs so sweet and kind and he's always complimenting me.that's why I fall in love with him.but I know that he has a girlfriend but he's girlfriend is not here they are far away from each other.THis guy told me that he loves me and don't wanna lose me,that he needs me.but he can't leave his girlfriend because he loves his girlfriend too even though they are always fighting over the internet and tru phone but he's leaving soon to visit his girlfriend for 20 days.i am so jealous.i am so happy when I'm with him its just that I really don't know if he loves me really or just using me .i need help. I'm really hurting.but I can't let go of him I really do love him so much.


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  • You haven't stated it, but I'm guessing you're sleeping with this guy and being sexual. That's probably why you feel like you're being used. If he's a sweet and nice guy I can't imagine him using you, but it is theoretically possible he's using you for what he can't get from his current girlfriend. It also sounds like he's going to break up with his current girlfriend because it isn't working, which is probably why he started going out with you, he found that you are better, so he's transitioning to you from her.

    There is no law about stealing someone''s man away, so if he dumps her and gets with you that's fine and fair. If you're hurting over whether or not he's hurting you, I imagine you'll figure out an answer to that after he comes back from the 20 day trip. If you don't, then you should ask him up front. If he is how you describe him (in his personality), he should tell you the truth about whether or not he's using you.

    Make your feelings clear, and make it clear you don't want him dating another girl, and that he needs to choose. Don't let him dangle fate in front of you, make him own up to responsibility.

    Feel free to ask more questions :)

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      Yeah...were DOIN it... (sex)...Hes going to see his girlfriend because its her bday...n spend time with her too...yeah though they are always fighting he don't wanna let go of his girlfriend though I already told him that if he's tired of it let go..but he told me that he's not going to give up just like that it hurts me when he told me this but I still love him I can't get mad of him...i always believe what he's telling me that he loves me too and don't wanna lose me...

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      I really hope everything works out for the best, if you have any more questions, don't hesitate to ask, :)

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      Thank you so much:)