What's the difference between seeing,dating, and in a relationship?

What's the difference between seeing someone, dating someone, and being in a relationship?

So at what point does it get exclusive...?


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  • I'd rather label the sections "Seeing someone", "Courting", and "Being in a relationship".. That way less people are confused, because you quoted two of the same thing above, haha.

    Regardless, exclusivity is believed to start at "Seeing someone"; but in all actuality it isn't official exclusivity until you have reached the "Courting" stage.

    Here's my example of each situation, so you can better reference it for yourself:

    1) Seeing someone

    - You guys flirt, conversate, hang out, and talk about relationships

    2) Courting

    - You guys start going on dates, you begin interacting physically (hugging / kissing / etc), etc

    3) Being in a relationship

    - You guys are official as "boyfriend / girlfriend" and have established a full relationship level of comittment.

    ~ ArtistBBoy

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      What if the guy said "we're dating" and "being in a relationship" the same thing?

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      We're dating = Being in a relationship.. So I redefined the terminology above in my answer... The section the QA quoted as "dating" I redefined to courting - the actions before being in a relationship.. Read through the answer and it may help, if you are still confused, could you rephrase your question for me?

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      Oh I'm sorry I get it now..thanks =] I was confused cause you said courting instead haha oops