Boyfriend doesn't say sweet things to me?

so me and my boyfriend have been seeing each other for 6 months. he's 25 I'm 22. we say 'i love you' to one another. he's never been overly sweet. if I say I miss you then he'll say it back and if I ask him stuff like "are you happy or do you think you're lucky" he'll answer yes. occasionally he... Show More

thanks for the answers but I do want to remind everyone that I HAVE brought this up before. he says he'll try but that he just doesn't know how to say it...and if I say something he'll agree but that's about it!

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  • If you are happy, stay put.

    If you aren't happy, move on.

    - It's that easy.

    What I think:

    - It's not fair that you're comparing him to your ex's- the past is the past.

    - It's very common for men to not be verbal in relationships

    - You're overreacting


    Check this out:

    - You know he treats you well

    - He takes you out (interacts with you)

    - He calls you when he is in a situation that potentially could bother you (Shows loyalty)

    - He'll bring up the problems in the relationship (Showing that he is fighting for you)


    So what I'm saying by all that information, is that if you NEED the verbal treatment instead of the action; go ahead and find the guy that gives you that (Not trying to be rude)... But if you are happy in your current relationship, you can voice your concern but I doubt you will see any progress soon.

    Just be glad you were lucky enough to find a good man. Lots of my friends on here are always talking about finding the "good guy".. But really, what do words do for you? They give you reassurance. Just like actions give you reassurance.

    ~ ArtistBBoy

    • I couldn't have said it better myself. :)

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    • I also vote for "all of the above" here :-)

      Just wanted to add that perhaps you may say yourself towards him things like what you'd like him to say to you (in your spontaneous way). Perhaps he never really felt what these things really do to a person. So if he feels it from you, maybe he'll start "copying" it..

      No you're not dumb and yes he's a great guy :-)

    • Oh I'm a sweet talker so I've definitely said things to him that I wish he'd say to me. he says he'll try. and yea, he is a great guy...just wish he was moreee verbal lol