Why do older men like younger women?

I ask this cause I have noticed that I'm for someone reason attracting older man and by that I mean like upper 30 to 40s. I even had a married man come on to me, I find it flattering but weird and gross I mean these guys are about my fathers age.


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  • Think about this anatomically.

    A Woman is able to bear children from (about) age 12 and then Safely, bear children until about age 30. between these ages, the likelihood for birth defects are about 2%. Not very likely.

    After the age of 30, the birth defect rate increases substantially.

    Men however, are able to produce healthy sperm until just before death.

    So that's a biological reason, but now for a more subtle approach to your question.

    A mature man will hold knowledge, wisdom, a steady job, and the know-how to run a household (bills, mortgage, etc). Combine that with the fact that a lot of women crave stability in a relationship. They crave a future with someone they love. and mature men feel that they can provide that for a woman. This boots the mature mans' confidence to approach younger women and they think that they have a chance with them. Mature men feel less like the creepy uncle who had too much to drink at the christmas party, and feel more like Hugh Heffner.

    So there you go. Creepy old men, feel like they have a chance with you both biologically (to preserve the species) and Psychologically (to preserve you).


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  • A lot of men like younger women because it keeps them feeling young. I guess some like them as trophies. but bottom line if you and the older guy don't click or don't have anything in common, and yes its possible to have things in common even with an age difference, then all it will be is a sexual relationship.

    Age is just a number, but having said that if your not attracted to them or don't enjoy their company why bother with them. Sure they might have a boatload of money to spend on you, but really. do you want to be with someone just because they lavish crap on you?

  • Old questions I know. But do you or do you not like like older men? I'm 29 but I find myself talking and dating younger girls. Some are 19 to 21. I don't want to be creeper...but they seem more attracted to me NOW then I was that age.

  • They like you because your young and they are old.If you are flirting with them then you must like it.But you make them feel young.And when you are getting older u'll do any thing 2 feel younger.Men love women and the younger the better.From a old guys point of view.

    • I will talk with them, not not flirt. like I said before yuck

    • Remember, a lot of guys out there can't decipher the difference between flirting and being a normal nice human being.

  • Talking to the same age group can get repetitive. You and I are the same age but odds are we won't get along because you and I have had just about the same life experiences in one way or another. Talking and getting to know someone of another age group has you finding out about things you never thought of before. Talk to someone 10 years younger than you and you can predict most of what they are going to say. Sometimes it is comforting to realize how close the same experience you have had are happening to this younger person as well. Besides conversation topics, most men get along better with younger women because of the sex and romance involved. Older women have most likely experienced everything there is to know about romance and sex so sometimes it is enlightening for the older man to teach the younger woman about love.


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  • because it is the path of lesser resistance. Women their own age are probably married, or picky and likely to either expect a commitment soon and have kids thereafter or expect a lot of money.

    so why not go for a younger one who won't press for all those things so soon. Gives you at least 2-5 years before your clock starts ticking.

    • So I wouldn't necessarily buy the answer that older women are less attractive, but add to the consideration that older men may only be attractive to younger female (so they think, but comparatively that is true even though you may think 'yuck' but you still talk to them, women their age won't give a darn).

  • I feel the pain, I've had guys in their 30's come over to me and start flirting, even before I hit 18! It's a little messed up, to say the least, but older guys like younger women for the obvious reason: we're hotter! haha Also, we're just a lot more fun; we usually aren't looking for a long-term commitment, and so we just want to kick back!

  • I have did the dating thing. same age range. and find Its not for me. you get the silly macho kind of guy. lol my preference is older not 40 years older. but say 10 12 years older. there mature,not(always) enterested in just Sex (But we are talking about Males here) so a little leeway is given.Most are into relationship,Companionship,feelings,desires,Dreams, you get it . They have done been the silly macho guy that has just grew up... anyways I do prefer older.