When people say they "don't want any drama" - What are the various ways that is meant to be understood?

In the context of relationships, dating, crushes - anything attraction based acquaintance.


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  • The power struggle for the upper hand in a relationship when the woman is trying to manipulate the man via mind games. Playing hard to get/flaking out. Playing jealousy games to find out how much he likes her, get confirmation of admiration, trigger a competition response, or just being cruel. When you try to see what you can get away with to see if you can walk all over our spine or if we don't let you walk on our spine will we react harshly and expecting us to walk a perfect line on your tightrope. Asking us stupid questions that are only meant to test us, our taste, or willingness to do things for you, how much we like you, yada, yada, yada. Asking about old relationships to test how we handled things with other girls, where things got messed up and trying to place blame. Sexual teasing. Watching the rumor mill run rampant around us as you talk about us good or bad behind our backs to your friends and then their friends to random strangers until you see it on everyone face. Should I go on or is that enough to give you an idea of how messed up you girls can be some times and why we feel like we are on an episode of Jerry Springer.

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      7 GUYS do not do this?

      I did not realize it was a gender specific question.

      & If I ask about a past relationship AFTER a guy has just told me about one, it is ON;Y because I want to know how he relates to people in that situation, since I don't know him very well & I don't want to get played.

      I think what you are saying is probably VERY common, however I am SURE that guys do those too.

      Do you think it is drama to ignore a girlfriend/boyfriend assuming^ they lost interest, while you know you like them?

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      A lot of that is true, however.. the whole testing you, asking how much you like us, getting confirmation.. we do that because men aren't as verbal as we are. Women need more confirmation than men do, and since you guys usually show your affection through actions rather than verbally telling us, yeah, sometimes we'll fish for a compliment or two. Sorry, we want to hear you say nice things about us. :)

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      People take adavntage of the fact they are not expected to be very verbal & they keep things ambiguous on purpose cause it is fun to watch a person try 2 figure out, & even better if they get to complain to there friends...

      "So&so is making such a big deal out of everything & they won't let it go they keep asking me what I mean..."

      If you wnat someone to stop asking you to clarify then BE CLEAR - common knowledge.

      I personally do not want to hear NICE things I just want to hear CLEAR/ direct