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What to do if he's not ready for a relationship?

So I've recently been into a guy that is two years younger then I, at first we just hung out as friends but lately things have exceeded. We go out... Show More

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  • Two ways you can look at this you are in a relationship in fact, you are doing everything couples do but you are seeking verbal confirmation or commitment from him, this is a big thing for a guy especially if you have the talk and try and pin him down or trap him. Let the relationship that you have grow eventually if he start to like you and bonds with you he will want to be in an exclusive relationship assuming he isn't the player type, some guys can bond others can't and need to play the field. Look at past relationships, his parents, how he was raised did they have a nanny, etc..

What Girls Said 1

  • Since he's not sure if he's ready for a relationship be very cognizant of trying to rush things along. If you can continue on with him at this pace with the understanding that the two of you are not in a committed relationship, then do so. Otherwise, you'll need to decide what your boundaries are with him if he doesn't commit. The last thing that you want is to pour your all into him while he still feels available to date around or not reciprocate your effort. You surely want the basis of the relationship to be mutual because if it's not, there will be too much room for friction and a huge probability of being hurt.So, first, decide what you want your boundaries to be, then present them to him. What's most important is that you are comfortable with whatever arrangement there is but you'll need to be honest with yourself . Good luck!-AskUsLadies

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