Did he ever love me?

Dated my ex boyfriend for almost 4 years. We were each others first for everything(23 now me). He was a good guy and he was a good boyfriend for about 2 years. The first 1 year I didn't trust him because he was so social with girls and stuff I herd about him in high school. I did play little... Show More

** now when we fight he brings up past things that I did that were so hurtful like hanging with a guy that liked me that he didn't like. (during our break). Its got to the point where we aren't talking. And he won't admit is lack of effort.
I guess he might have loved me at one point...but I doubt he has the past yr...

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  • I’d hate to be sweet, and to the point on this one, but it sounds like he’s getting tired of breaking up, getting back together all the time. It sounds like from what has happened through the years is absolutely nothing. You two would get back together, and then break up. It doesn’t sound like you two looked at what the core problems where.

    So nitpicking through your letter a little. It sounds like there’s a lot of inconsistency’s within the relationship itself. You’ve got a lot of trust issues, and a lot of insecurities. You seem to be more confused on a regular basis, because of some of those trust issues you have. It also looks like from what you’ve said, it’s not a secure relationship. You seem to want some grounding, something secure. And you have the right to that, but you’ve also have to work out those problems each time you go through an obstacle. It’s not about breaking up all the time. Sometimes people in general need to stay together, and work out there problems. Rather than running away, then believing things will be alright after awhile. And sometimes that's the case, but from what you said at the end. It sounds like you two where holding stuff in, and now it's coming out within nitpicking every part that's bad with each other.

    So Just like the other comment said… “the best way we can go about things without getting hurt is to compromise.” So I do agree with that… but in away it’s not about compromising, but working on each situation that comes up, rather than running away from it.

    And to answer your questions... Did he love you.. I think he did, and still does, but there has to be some things to be worked out. And the chances of getting back together depends on how much work you want to put into fixing those problems you two have, and coming to some form of compromise in a sense...

    Hope things work out... Much Love

    • I feel like...even if we did talk about working it out...its humilating to try...I've hurt him so much by breaking up...4 times and each time is family and friends saw him go through it. I don't know How I could put a foot back into his house again and face his fam and friends. His friend even told me I should stop contacting him,...'its for the best' when I asked him to tell him to stop contacting me! cause he's been cursing at me.