How long does it take a guy to realize he misses you?

we fight and break up kinda often but he usually contacts me within a week or 2 and we get back together. he said he's done this time, but I wonder if he misses me. How long can it take a a guy to realize he misses a girl? and how do I know if its REALLY over, how long should I want to hear from him before I know for sure?


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  • sounds like a very bad relationship you have.. I would put it down to esperiance and just walk away.. it depends, if the relationship got physical very fast I would usualy miss her after about 3 weeks. some women I've been with where we took our time I still kinda miss several years on.

    it depends on the person...with your guy I suspect it will be when he gets horny

    Good Luck


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      Yeah we got physical fast. when a guy breaks up with a girl and he does eventually get horny again do they go out and find another girl? I don't know about guys but when I break up with a guy I can't be with another guy for a while cause it will make me think of them and ill get upset