How do older women flirt?

How would an older woman aged late 30s to mid 50s show that they are attracted to/fancy a tall 6ft 23yr old guy in public i.e. a pub/restaurant?

Are there any signs to look out for?



Most Helpful Girl

  • I don't know if there would be any hard and fast rules.

    Maybe if she was a 'cougar' type, she'd be pretty obvious and let you know and leave no room for deciding whether she likes you or not.

    If she isn't the 'cougar' type then believe it or not, once we get older we don't have any different flirting techniques to younger women...the usual eye contact etc.

    I know myself, I am finding the younger guy attractive at the moment, but I wouldn't pursue one just incase he wasn't interested in the older I am pretty shy.

    Everyone is different.