Why does my boyfriend look at other girls?

Every time my boyfriend and I are out he checks girls out non stop! It really p*sses me off because if he ever saw me doing that he would be so p*ssed! Some times he even gets embarrassed of me or he will be a little rude to me if the girl is near by and can hear...why does he do this? I live with him and when it's just the two of us he is the nicest guy in the world but when he is around attractive girls he acts like such a jerk. This might sound rude but my boyfriend isn't good looking at all and I only started dating because I liked his personality. My girlfriends keep telling me I can do better...so if I am so much better looking than him...why does he do this?

I look at guys but not in front of him! That is just rude...and I understand just a quick glance but not a STOP and STARE! And the fact that he act like a jerk if they are close p*sses me off.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Sometimes when a not so good looking guy starts dating a pretty girl he gets really insecure. You might be one of the prettiest girls he's ever dated and he's not used to having an attractive girlfriend. A lot of guys like this always fantasize about getting a beautiful girl, but when they finally get one they don't know how to act. This may be why your boyfriend is being disrespectful and rude because he's insecure. His actions are an attempt to show dominance and place himself higher than you (and make you insecure and on the bottom). He's trying to make your confidence lower maybe so you won't leave him for other better guys.

    Here's what you do. Take some notes from girls who are "bitches" and flip it on him. Don't sit there and be upset, turn the tables. You're hot and you know it so act like it. If he is gonna be that way play the game better. Check out other guys in front of him and even get some hot guys to make eye contact with you to make him feel jealous. Mean, yeah maybe a little, but turnabout is fair play. Let him see what it feels like to have that done to him. And while you're at it, be on the lookout for a better guy!