Why does my boyfriend look at other girls?

Every time my boyfriend and I are out he checks girls out non stop! It really p*sses me off because if he ever saw me doing that he would be so p*ssed! Some times he even gets embarrassed of me or he will be a little rude to me if the girl is near by and can hear...why does he do this? I live with him and when it's just the two of us he is the nicest guy in the world but when he is around attractive girls he acts like such a jerk. This might sound rude but my boyfriend isn't good looking at all and I only started dating because I liked his personality. My girlfriends keep telling me I can do better...so if I am so much better looking than him...why does he do this?

I look at guys but not in front of him! That is just rude...and I understand just a quick glance but not a STOP and STARE! And the fact that he act like a jerk if they are close p*sses me off.


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  • Sometimes when a not so good looking guy starts dating a pretty girl he gets really insecure. You might be one of the prettiest girls he's ever dated and he's not used to having an attractive girlfriend. A lot of guys like this always fantasize about getting a beautiful girl, but when they finally get one they don't know how to act. This may be why your boyfriend is being disrespectful and rude because he's insecure. His actions are an attempt to show dominance and place himself higher than you (and make you insecure and on the bottom). He's trying to make your confidence lower maybe so you won't leave him for other better guys.

    Here's what you do. Take some notes from girls who are "bitches" and flip it on him. Don't sit there and be upset, turn the tables. You're hot and you know it so act like it. If he is gonna be that way play the game better. Check out other guys in front of him and even get some hot guys to make eye contact with you to make him feel jealous. Mean, yeah maybe a little, but turnabout is fair play. Let him see what it feels like to have that done to him. And while you're at it, be on the lookout for a better guy!


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  • Well before you get mad consider most girls spend a lot of time and effort in getting guys to behave like this, while guys of course don't try to get that reaction from girls in quite the same way!

    Some girls would be upset if he DIDN:T take notice. of them!

    I admit, it sounds like he is overdoing it with the stopping and staring though. Tell him to stop that; slap him if you need to!

    • Those are called sluts, the male version is called a man slut, Neither of them are relationship worthy.

  • If you only dated him because of his personality and now you don't like his personality then why are you still dating him?

    • He is fine when we are alone...

    • Then keep dating him. When I'm in a serious relationship I barely even look at other girls, even when she's not around....and I definitely wouldn't want to make her feel bad by talking to her like a piece of sh*t in front of other girls

  • If he's openly ogling other women in front of you and calling attention to it, your time might be better spent with someone else.

  • Why don't you talk to him about it? Let him know it bothers you. Ignorance is a major problem causer in relationships.

  • hes probably not that into you. occasional there will be a girl that can just cause a car crash but other then that you should have there attention. I act like this when I'm out with an unattractive female as friends.

  • who knows


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  • It is natural that we all look at other people but he is certainly using the wrong approach. He really is acting like an ass. I'm guessing he means a lot to you otherwise I don't think you would put up with this. How about giving him a taste of his own medicine. Look at hot guys when he's there. And when he'll confront you say that he always does the same and now he knows how you feel. If he won't stop then I suggest you go out with one of those hot guys...

  • He does this because he is a total inconsiderate a**hole. What on earth are you still doing with this jerk?

  • Guys are going to look at pretty things whether we ladies want them to or not. At the same time, heck, we ladies are allowed to look at pretty things too. My thinking is you should be able to look and have a healthy appreciation for the beauty in the world.

    In your case, however, I would drop him. Anyone who doesn't treat you well at all times not when it's just the two of you is not worth your time.

    As to *why* he's doing it, he's probably doesn't feel like he matches up to you.

  • It sounds like he knows you are better looking than him, and stand more of a chance attracting the opposite sex, than he does. Him staring at other girls, and acting like a jerk within their earshot, is a way to make you jealous, and he wants a reaction from you. He maybe wants you to feel as insecure as he does. Or he needs reassurance that you love him and want to be with him, and nobody else. Try talking to him about it. I am no expert, but that's just what I can can gather!

    • Should I kiss him or grab his arm or do something kinda flirty so he knows that I care??

    • Maybe you could just tell him you love him, when he does it. But I would recommend talking to him about the situation, to reassure him you're not going anywhere. If he carries on doing it though, then move on. He isn't worth your time!

  • It's natural to be attracted to attractive people or things,and it's unrealistic to think he won't find other girls attractive,BUT he seems as though he is being disrespectful to you.He may feel insecure and is trying to get other girls to notice him.I say break up,it more than likely isn't something that can be fixed,his own issues

  • my ex used to do this, it's because he knew I was better looking. ex for a reason :)

  • that is just complete disrespect, my ex done that and I dumped his ass. and plus your guy is ugly TOO. dump him

  • well I live with mine too and he always be starring at girls and it p*sses me the hell off. like am I not good enough or something? and he always be watching girls on tv and sh*t. I mean wtf! what kind of fiance are u? I never look at guys and if I do I'm not checking them out at all I'm jus doing a normal glance but god dam he gotta take it to a whole other level and stare!

  • I suggest that you leave ,otherwise it will ruin your self esteem. I had a boyfriend who did the same thing ,not just a quick glance but obvious staring.

  • If he isn't faithful to his one lady how do you expect to have a serious relationship? If he truly loved you he wouldn't look at other woman that way. He is a two-faced jerk if you really want to be happy find a man who loves looking at you in that way and you only. Don't date a jerk because you are afraid of being lonely. Be happy with life. If he keeps doing this break up with him honey. I'm just trying to be truthful. I'm not trying to be rude , but your friends are right. They are being true friends telling you you deserve better than him. They are not being a** holes they are just trying to take good care of their friend. Sweetie, they love you and don't want you heartbroken. If it's bothering you that bad break up with him. Love-The woman who cares