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He's acting sort of cold for a person who says he loves me and can't live without me.

Hey everyone, so the thing is I've been living with this guy (same age as me, 23) for a bit more than 2 years now but only as flatmates/ friends.... Show More

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  • You are not the problem; he is giving you the cold shoulder...perhaps he feels that so soon he is emotionally dependent on you (and needs to hide this from everybody including himself). Probably he is showing some passive aggression; must feel too "trapped" by his own feelings about you and doesn't know how to sort them out.

    Give him some space, don't go to bed if the emotional connection is not there, and get busy with your own life. Is it possible to behave as before, when you were friends? this will send him the message that you are not trapping or caging him...and he can sort out his own situation.

    Be nice, caring but detached, you don't have a serious relationship now but a connection that suddenly became sexual. He needs to own his own feelings and not to be scared of proximity!


    • Thanx, well you know I tried a couple of times to go back like we used to be. Told him to let's just be friends a couple of times when he was driving me whacko and I was on the verge of saying something I'd probably regret. He wouldn't accept that either though. This isn't good for either of us but he refuses to choose between A and B, and refuses to understand that there's no third option...Believe me man, I'd give him all the freakin space he wants, it's just that he won't have it.

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