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Is this true about the one year mark?

i know I've heard this before from some guy friend or another that the one year mark in a relationship is a big deal. Not that I disagree because I... Show More

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  • Its different for everybody and where they are in the particular relationship. For me, the 1-year mark is HUGE. Its when I would like to sit down and really think about where the relationship is going. I'm not saying we would have to get engaged/married immediately, but if I don't see us eventually getting married its time to get out.

    It's like the day when I would re-evaluate, and cut my losses if need be.

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  • Most people will have their own views on how big a deal the one year mark is. Personally I find it to be a big deal but not in the way that you referred to. I mean I'm not staring at the calendar trying to decide as the day gets closer if I want to continue the relationship. I make that decision much earlier in the relationship maybe around three or four months. The one year mark to me is just proof that everything is going great and I would find a way to celebrate.

  • To me it's somewhat important, but its for a different story.

    Infatuations last for 8-14months. It's for me to know if the girl really loves me.

    If someone you see a lot, then 15months comes along. Then I'm pretty sure there somewhat serious about the relationship.

    I never had a girl over 14months. They all cheat and move on.

  • I have never heard about one year being a particularly big deal, nor do I feel that way myself. It's a milestone of sorts, but I don't believe some sort of switch flips for non-committed guys at the one-year mark that makes them say, "Well, now I'm in it for the long haul."

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  • Well its an interesting question as I am coming up to my one year with my bf. I hope he isn't having those thoughts.

  • I don't know about guys...but I think one year is somewhat of a bigdeal because if it goes on from there, it's usually more serious. To put it like, guys decided whether or not to bail sounds a little...brutal and mean.

  • Well, I don't think it is the defining point of the relationship. It could come before or after that. I mean, say one person had tough times when the relationship was about 8 months old (to set an example, could be other number). If the other persons sticks through and the relationship lasts past that, I think it's more defining that getting to the one year mark. Only when tough times come can you know whether a person really cares about you or not, and even then, it doesn't mean that the person will be with you forever (or for a long time).

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