Is this true about the one year mark?

i know I've heard this before from some guy friend or another that the one year mark in a relationship is a big deal. Not that I disagree because I don't exactly think it should be any different for dating 10 months or 11. I've heard guys say that's the point where they decide if its serious or to this true for most guys?


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  • Its different for everybody and where they are in the particular relationship. For me, the 1-year mark is HUGE. Its when I would like to sit down and really think about where the relationship is going. I'm not saying we would have to get engaged/married immediately, but if I don't see us eventually getting married its time to get out.

    It's like the day when I would re-evaluate, and cut my losses if need be.

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  • To me it's somewhat important, but its for a different story.

    Infatuations last for 8-14months. It's for me to know if the girl really loves me.

    If someone you see a lot, then 15months comes along. Then I'm pretty sure there somewhat serious about the relationship.

    I never had a girl over 14months. They all cheat and move on.

  • Most people will have their own views on how big a deal the one year mark is. Personally I find it to be a big deal but not in the way that you referred to. I mean I'm not staring at the calendar trying to decide as the day gets closer if I want to continue the relationship. I make that decision much earlier in the relationship maybe around three or four months. The one year mark to me is just proof that everything is going great and I would find a way to celebrate.

  • I have never heard about one year being a particularly big deal, nor do I feel that way myself. It's a milestone of sorts, but I don't believe some sort of switch flips for non-committed guys at the one-year mark that makes them say, "Well, now I'm in it for the long haul."


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  • Well its an interesting question as I am coming up to my one year with my bf. I hope he isn't having those thoughts.

  • I don't know about guys...but I think one year is somewhat of a bigdeal because if it goes on from there, it's usually more serious. To put it like, guys decided whether or not to bail sounds a little...brutal and mean.

  • Well, I don't think it is the defining point of the relationship. It could come before or after that. I mean, say one person had tough times when the relationship was about 8 months old (to set an example, could be other number). If the other persons sticks through and the relationship lasts past that, I think it's more defining that getting to the one year mark. Only when tough times come can you know whether a person really cares about you or not, and even then, it doesn't mean that the person will be with you forever (or for a long time).