I keep falling asleep with my boyfriend?

This is the first relationship I have been in that we have gotten really close. Every time we cuddle together while watching a movie or something though, I fall asleep. Even If I'm not tired? He plays with my hair, and I just sort of fall asleep in his arms. I don't know if he likes this, or if it upsets him. I don't want him too feel like he is boring me or anything, I just always fall asleep when we cuddle together. Would this make a guy angry?


Most Helpful Girl

  • OMG! thank god this happens to someone else. I do the same thing. this is my first relationship and I ALWAYS fall asleep in his arms, even if I am not tired. I felt super bad so ended up saying sorry I kept falling asleep and he said that it was ok he likes when I fall asleep in his arms because it makes him feel like he is protecting me, and finds watching me sleep cute, and I told him I don't know why I do but it was because he makes me feel safe and comforted and loved. He loves it