My wife wants to fully feminize me!

In my everyday life I have a very stressful job where I am in charge of over 50 people and I am also firing and hiring people. I also have to be in charge of most of the household finances etc. Over the past few months my wife has brought up during passionate times, about feminizing me. She feels it would be a worthwhile distraction! A few weeks ago, she sat down with me and had me read some articles about feminization. I wasn't sure she was that serious! Now I must admit that I get turned on over the thought! She now wants to fully feminize me which consists of corset training to create a permanent feminine figure and growing real feminine breasts along with laser hair removal and eventually feminine facial surgery! She said I could basically transfer from my job to another location where people are far more tolerant about my new role. I researched it for a few long nights after work on the net. She was right about the location and what a great location too! She also felt she would become in charge and I could experience a new and rewarding life. As a woman! I spent almost a solid two weeks dwelling on this and every time I delve into the idea, I get very turned on! My question to the ladies here is...If you, as a woman were to convince your hubby to do this, would you find it a turn on and enjoy his new role as a Her? What would you feel is the biggest advantage for the both of you as a couple? Thanks! I wanted feedback because if I actually feel good about this (As I somewhat do) It all begins in a few days!

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  • ur on yer own there... good luck with all of that...