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My wife wants to fully feminize me!

In my everyday life I have a very stressful job where I am in charge of over 50 people and I am also firing and hiring people. I also have to be in... Show More

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  • If you really love her, than obey her wishes. You have said that she has decided you should have your own breast, then obey her. You said she wants to corset train you, then obey her.

    I really don't see the dilemma here.

    • kinky

    • I agree with Keely - Obey her wishes on this. Her decision has been made - you WILL be Feminized and grow cute breasts for Her. Clearly, Feminization is Her desire and you need to go along. If you're having a problem with the extent of the Feminization She will be putting you through - then think of it as 'Forced Feminization'. That way it's no longer your decision to make - you are freed of the responsibilities and consequences. There really isn't a dilemma any more - She has taken Control!

  • Run Forest...Run!

  • To go all the way for her would be such a wonderful way to prove your love.

    Such a romantic and fascinating idea for two people totally in love!

    • I agree with you Donna. It would be wonderful to have a partner that passionately wants to initiate and control your Feminization transformation. As the transformation starts and first your nipples pop and then your breasts start growing, you'll probably have trepidations. In a way it will be like a girl just starting puberty and seeing the changes start. Enjoy the mood swings and your uncertainties about the path you've chosen - as worries and fears signify Major Life changes.

    • ::thumbs up:: @alexislori. (there really should be an option for that)

  • That's wonderful. You don't need to go all the way publicly unless you want to though. Just delve into it and see what it brings to you. The fact that your wife is interested in it opens up a wonderful opportunity for you. There is a book on Amazon called, "Feminizing Men - A Guide for males to achieve maximum feminization." Some wives evidently have given it to their husbands to make their feminization easier and more complete. It's short, but requires the feminizing male to be diligent and do many things which will truly help them project a more feminine appearance and attitude. Good luck on your journey you lucky gurl!

  • I don't know if this post is a joke I'm somehow not getting, but there's something seriously wrong with the women telling you how great you are for even considering doing this. "love" isn't about changing a person to better suit your needs (or twisted wants).

  • I love the idea. It's great that you feel good about her plans, I'm sure you will enjoy the journey.

  • I think your wife is a lesbian and feels unfulfilled with your relationship. But if you want to, go for it.

What Guys Said 4

  • That is not right man, you were created a man don't mess with that. Changing your gender just because you get "turned on" by it is a BIG mistake in my opinion

  • You should go all the way and become a complete woman. Let your wife mold you into the woman of her dreams.

  • Forget all that "obey her" crying. Nothing good can come from it, that way of thinking is nothing but a trap.

    If you are willing to do it, then do, for your own sake! Just do it for the right reasons. Go after your happiness - just be sure it's there where it lies. Get a taste of what it would be like that life, but do it alone, just by yourself at first (I know it's something completely different, but get the closest you can get as long as you feel comfortable).

    And, in fact, maybe Kripter is right. That could be true, or she's trying to mold you - for her better (or worst) interests, for inflated ego reasons (as to how "sexy and powerful" she is and how she can "tame" you into a beta-male), or even she is tricking you for further blackmail material (for reasons above discriminated). After all, there is quite a handful of women who like to be put on a pedestal and be worshipped and show themselves as manipulative, controlling b****es.

    For example: www(dot)brassiered(dot)com(slash)brassiered(slash)whatis(dot)html; that Karen Salmansohn (from that "man taming" guide of hers - yet, somehow, thanks to feminism, she managed to succeed. Why did I know it beforehand it would end like that?)

    Just be sure you know her reasons for asking this, try to rationally see if there is not just some attittudes of you bothering her (and the other way around, also), and choose your way of life wisely, based on the right reasons - and the first one is what is good for you.

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