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How do I tell this girl to back the F off??

My boyfriend got a text message from a girl saying that she has a serious crush on him and she wants him to break up with me and she wants to move in... Show More

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  • You need to take this matter up with YOUR MAN!

    I'm sorry but unless this girl is Single White Female, she has to be getting some type of encouragement from your boyfriend to even feel comfortable sending him texts like this. You stated that "He told her he \has his good days with me and his bad days."

    So what is really going on? Does he have some type of friend relationship with her? Does he talk bad about you to her? If so that has to stop. Hun watch your boyfriend because I have a feeling there is more to the story then he wants you to know. If he told you that he said that, think about the other stuff he probably said to this girl that he didn't tell you. Not to scare you, but we have to be realistic. It sounds like there is a possible affair going on.

    The girl already has a problem with you for the simple fact that you are dating him so anyway you confront her, you are not gonna resolve anything. She's not gonna back off just because you said so.

    If your boyfriend didn't want her contacting him, she would stop. Or he'd ask her to stop. Or he'd block her number, tell her to leave him alone, ignore her texts, tell her to respect your relationship, tell her that he is with you and that's all that matters...there are a whole lot of things HE could be doing. He is the one who knows this girl and talks to her all the time so he should address it.

    • Thanks for the advice :)

What Guys Said 1

  • You said it in the title... it's not how you tell her, it's just telling her to back the f*ck off... whatever you do don't give him an ultimatum it'll make you seem posessive which is quite an unatractive feature. Chances are though if you confront her she'll exaggerate it to your bf... don't know how girls do it since I'm a guy... we settle thing in a different way, I suppose you wanna get friendly with her then ask her nicely to back off? I don't know wait for a girl to answer I suppose

What Girls Said 2

  • I would dump this guy. Look what he is doing behind your back. There is no explanation for that. But be aware if you mention this he will turn it on you and ask why your going through his phone. Let him have her if that's what he wants so bad don't even waste your time confronting her. Get rid of him now your only going to get hurt.

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