Why does it seem like a lot of guys like underage girls, or girls who look underage?

I am just wondering. I mean in college I still hear guys saying girls in high school are hot, and not just 17-18 year olds but as young as 14! Also a lot of guys like girls who look underage as well. Why is this. I understand their isn't much age difference between college guys and people in high school, but 14 years old.. come on.


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  • Because there are in fact girls as young as 14 that are pretty good looking. There's quite a few in my school district.

    I mean hell, most put on a lot of make up and tight pants, so they'll look they're 17-18 years old yet you'd never know. Until you find out they're only a freshman/sophomore or you ask/they tell you the age.

    I don't find it weird or sick at all that males find young girls attractive. If the girl was really young like a child, then that would be one thing. But a girl age 13 (assuming she's developed...) to 17? No, because like I said, there are some girls that look older than they are, and are pretty good looking.

    There's a term for girls/guys (usually girls I guess) that are under the age of consent. It's called Jailbait. I turned 18 in March, yet that doesn't mean I don't find girls under the age of 18 attractive. There's plenty of girls age 14-17 that I find either really cute, hot, beautiful, very sexy, etc.

    • Yes nature says when girls are ready not the law some are mature enough to breed at 13 while others aren't until their twenties and in times gone by before laws these young girls would be having babies,but now the law says if a girl is 17 years and 364 days old she's a tiny little innocent girl,but if she's 18 she's fair game.

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      Yes! I'm glad someone shares my opinion. Girls of a young age are so attractive nowadays because they wear clothing that shows off their bodies to the extreme. There is no crime in fancying underage girls, as long as you don't act on it. I'm 23 and fancy like a million underage girls lol.

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  • That's funny. When I was fifteen, a senior in my school asked me out. And by senior I mean seventeen-going-on-eighteen and about to graduate.

    It was kind of funny but shocking at the same time.

    I thought I wouldn't have been good enough.

    Good question, because I've been wondering this for a while...

  • wow you are all disgustustig pervert pedophiles and should get castrated. Hope you never breed

  • Let me ask you a question. If the law said that a minor was considered 13 or younger would you still be saying the same thing? or the law said that 14 wasn't underage. Everything would be totally different it wouldn't be considered wrong or disgusting as some people say. The fact that it is illegal has a huge role playing in it. Some 14 year olds are very mature for there age. Me for example I'm 16 years old and I look 19. I'm also very mature for my age.

    • I guess your right, but I mean I'd still find it weird to date a 14 year old when I'm 21

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    • I'm not sure but, I'm sure there is some place or country where the age of consent is 12 or 14. I know in the UK is 16.

    • I completely agree with you.

  • A lot of guys are attracted to young girls (keyword: GIRLS). Society stigmatizes it so guys are less open about it, but honestly if you did a study I do believe that most guys would probably hook up with a young girl if they could get away with it. That's sad because 14 year olds aren't even fully developed and grown ass guys still would sleep with them.

  • that is sick-- and not right


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  • Ive seen hot 12 year olds, girls tend to look their best around high school age. I wouldn't do anything with a girl under 16 (maybe 15 depending on the girl) but you can still appreciate their looks, their fresh (aka perfect skin, eyes, sometimes body and hair) and tend to glow which is nice.

    I tend not to know the girls age till a later time after I've decided she's hot.

  • in case ur wondering... forbidden fruit... and also, younger girls will more often than not fall for some lame 'game'... plus the illusion of them being the 'first'...

  • Well I suppose in nature there's no age limit after all there hasn't always been a law that says under 16 is wrong as not long ago the age of consent in Britain was 13,but it all depends on the girl some 14 year olds look like attractive women where as others don't look ready until their twenties anyway they may look hot as you put it,but remain unavailable until the legal age in whatever country they are in,also many 14 year olds do look gorgeous,but often act in an immature way,so it isn't all about looks,but there's nothing wrong with admiring these girls thinking of what they'll be like in the future when their reach adulthood.

  • girls change around 18 years old and I think its for the worse, I think 15-17 year olds tend to be hotter than 18 year olds, a 18 year old girl has a diffrent shape to her waistline and isn't as curvy. around 18 most girls change in their waistline, stomach, breasts, skin texture,even their vagina, their butt gets less perky and round, some is hard to explain but I would get more turned on looking a naked pic of a girl 15-17 than 18 and up equally as attractive for their age. Also a younger girl isn't going to have been laid as much and that makes a big diffrence. A bannana may still be ripe but has been ripe longer(brown spots) and thus won't taste as good.

  • ok, I may sound like a pig here, but its the only way to respond to the question.

    older women =used goods= sloppy seconds

    younger women=almost now=untouched=untainted

    if you can afford a new car, why settle for a used one?