Whats a good deodorant to use?

i need a good deodorant to help me stop sweating as much as I do now. I know it sounds gross, but I need help lol. I heard Ceratin Dri works well from one of my friends, but do you guys have anymore suggestions?

whoa, 48 hours? haha thanks, ill be sure to check it out :D


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  • Sweating and smelling are two different things. If you smell when you sweat, then take the suggestions below. But if you want to stop sweating period, then that is not only unwise but unhealthy.

    You sweat for a reason. #1 is for your body not to overheat and to cool itself. #2, it flushes toxins out of your body. I would recommend shirts that hide the sweat or wear pit covers that attach to your shirt that absorb the sweat.

    If there is an odor problem, that is the result of bacteria growing in those areas and that can be reduced by eating healthier, especially yogurt and such.

    Good luck!


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  • UARMSOL deodorant powder works even when you have to sweat !

    I’ve used the deodorant powder for years now and have had no problems with it.

    This deodorant is so amazing. A sprinkle pinch of the powder is all you need after shower.

    The deodorant powder contains no chemicals, no oils, and no masking of anything.

    It removes the worst smell you have. My armpit used to smell funky, almost like

    cockroach smell, now I am free from any odours. Even when I sweat I have no odours.

    I’m loving it and I would recommend for anybody who has any armpit odours.

    Also you don’t have to shave your armpits or worry about after sport smell !

  • In the UK we have a really good deodorant/antiperspirant called Mitchum. It comes in a green roll-on type bottle, and you can usually only get it from pharmacies (drug stores) rather than supermarkets. It claims to prevent sweating and odour for 48hrs. If it's available where you are, check it out. I use it and I've never had any complaints!


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  • Dove clear is a good one or either secret

  • Drysol (over the counter in pharmacy) is what works for sweating a lot. Its a roll on that you put on at first 3x each night and afterwards once a week, and you won't need to wear antiperspirant ever again.

    Deodorants are a different thing for removing the smell -- I can't really suggest one for you, because they all have different scents, and its up to personal preference. I hope I helped!