Why girls ask ,"why do you love me?"

If a girl knows a guy loves her.. Then why she asks " why do you love me?" does she mean she don't love the guy..?Or she loves the guy..? Or something else


Most Helpful Girl

  • She's asking why you love her and not another girl. Why you picked her and not another girl. She loves you, she just wants to know why her. Girls tend to have this thing of pointing out EVERY flaw we have. And that leads us to wonder why a guy would choose her out of all the other girls he could have. She's grateful and happy it's her, but also wants to know why it's her when she has so many things wrong with her. Girls are weird like that, we're never quite good enough is how the majority of girls feel which is where this question tends to come from.

    It could also be that she just wants to hear you tell her the things that you think are amazing about her. She does this because it makes her feel good about herself and that you guys are actually in a strong and secure spot in the relationship where you can be sweet like this and not worry about anything.

    Hope that helped!