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I told him I loved him and now he won't talk to me.

Okay I really need help on this. I have gone head over heels for a friend of mine, I've known him 4 about 6 years and for a while we were flirting a... Show More

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  • He may actually be trying not to hurt you. I once had a girl who had feelings for me but I didn't know how I felt about her one way or the other. I didn't want to say anything to hurt her I didn't want to tell her no. But I thought what if I can't return the feelings. Here is how you get out of this write this guy a letter and tel him how you feel and that you want the friendship to last. He is probobly just trying to figure this out. Remember guys get turned down by girls all the time so when a girl asks us out we immediately know what they are going threw. Cause 90 percent of the time we have to ask the girl out. This is the paradox all guys have to go threw which makes it very hard to say no. Cause we hate the feeling when girls do it to us. What you did took courage. If the letter doesn't work confront him directly with a smile. Make him feel comfortable like he doesn't have to meet incredibly high expectations. Tell him he can just be himself and that that's what you like about him. Make it easy and I would guess he is yours. Let me know if this helped

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  • Yeah, that sounds like a tough situation. Personally, I think you probably shocked the poor guy! My personal advice to to not text him or try to get in contact with him at this point anymore. If he is not responding, it may be for one or more reasons. He may need time to think about what you said to him - to evaluate whether he has the same feelings for you or not. Or, he may be afraid because he doesn't like you that way and he didn't know until you just told him. Either way, continuing to try to contact him will probably push him away until he can get in touch with his feelings regarding the whole thing. If he doesn't like you in that way, it may be safe for you to ask him in the future after he has had enough time to process the whole situation, and then he can tell you that. If he does like you, he may be thinking about how to handle the relationship shifting from friends to a romantic relationship with you. (Sometimes us guys take a while to figure things out!) Personally, I think you probably blew him out of the water - especially after 6 years of hanging out with you! FYI, when you tell a person that you like them in that way, it doesn't matter if you apologize a thousand times, because how they see you will immediately change, and they will never see you the same way - this could be good or bad. At any rate, he may be confused or maybe hurt or angry or something, but I would wait a while before trying to bring it up again to him. In the mean time, you can think about what you will say to him in the future. Don't apologize to him again regarding it, however. You do not have to apologize for liking someone, even if they do not like you back. It's not something you did wrong. In fact, it should be flattering when someone tells someone else that they like them. Just be yourself in the whole situation.

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  • I Would just be friends with him if he doesn't wanna hang than its his loss not yours.

    show him that your okay with out him he'll come around, even if it just friends,

    well sorry been there it sucks.

    hope you get to feeling better. Sometimes guys freak with the LOVE word.

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