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My boyfriend finally told me he loves me, now what?

We have been together for almost 3years and he finally said it. The thing is I was just preparing myself to move on from this guy because I didn't... Show More

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  • It's only too late if you don't feel the same anymore. If you're not in love with him, and you want to find Mr. Right, you're going to have to dump him. Shame he's probably going to hate you a lot and not be able to trust women from now on. Well, eventually, he might. Anyway, it takes some guys longer to tell a woman he loves her because he's use to just a physical connection with a girl and not emotional. Other guys have a fear of opening up and getting their heart broken. It depends on the guy, but guys are generally more reserved about how they feel.

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  • well love is not a feeling you must understand that to understand men first off. it means he's ready to make a life with u. he know you now and is ready to make babies with you in the future.

  • People know nothing about love. Sometimes people confuse love with passion, sometimes they think that they don't love a person but after a little while without him/her they realise that they do, but its too late So think really carefully before break up with him. Remember all the good time you have spend with him. 3 years its a really long time and if you didn't love him you wouldn't stay with him for so longI have had a relationship with one girl for 1.5 years and I have never said "I love you" when I loved her more then any one. Because I was not sure that she loved me . I hope you make a right chose

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