Is it bad if my boyfriend talks to his ex about me and says she is his best friend?

See my boyfriend talks to his ex girlfriend all the time and he always says that she's his best friend and that he can talk to her about anything and everything and I'm worried that he might still like her or maybe he still loves her like he used to should I even be worried?


Most Helpful Guy

  • first of all he should respect you an not talk about you to another girl an second guys who keep their ex around ... kinda shady right come. what can he gain from keeping her around a best friend..? how gay is he? guys have guy best friend unless he's getting things from her I've seen this before an that guy cheated big time he used her for the time an money untill he was ready for he's ex again an he left kicked her too then made out in front of her and another thing is why can't he talk to you about thing an get girl opinion from you an for me my one an only is my best friend it only makes sense ... anyways ask him how he really feels an if gets offended then you got a problem because he might not be sure who he really loves the most an it matters who he gives the most attention to even if its he's ''best friend''