My boyfriend hates my best friend's brother, and made me delete him off of Facebook, why ?

My boyfriend met my best friends brother at her Christmas party. Needless to say he was pretty rude to him. My best friends brother can be a ass hole most of the time. Well anyways, my boyfriend hates him now. I was friends with him before, and mysteriously he stopped being my friend on Facebook, well recently he asked me to be his friend again. I accepted him, but my boyfriend had a fit. I had a very long and horrible argument with him, and ended up deleting him again. My boyfriend doesn't understand that regardless of him not liking him, that he is putting me in a bind with my best friend. I don't know what I am gonna tell my best friend when she asks me, why did I delete her brother. I'm sure once he notices I deleted him, he is gonna mention it to her. I've been knowing her family since I was in the 5th grade. Even though her brother is a ass hole, he didn't do me anything. What am I gonna do? At the end of the day that is her brother, why can't my boyfriend understand that he is potentially ruining my friendship with my best friend. What am I gonna tell her ? It's too the point I don't want my Facebook page anymore.


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  • You don't seem to understand WHY your boyfriend did this. I would trust it's actually for your long-term benefit.

    Try to see your boyfriend is not the one being controlling here. He is simply trying to protect you. Let me explain why this is.

    When it comes to other men, men DO have a sixth sense about other people, especially bad people. If you've ever seen the TV series 'The Wonder Years' you'll know what I mean. If he feels the relationship between you as his girlfriend and him is being threatened by a potential outsider/third party, you boyfriend will do what he can to protect it. And that includes your best friends 'brother' or anyone else for that matter.

    You mentioned this guy was a jerk. If that is the case, he has the potential to ruin the relationship between you and your boyfriend, regardless of what may think of him. It is possible your boyfriend has sensed this (that he is trouble) and noticed your best friend's brother's intentions towards you. It could be moves he's done behind your back or things your boyfriend noticed like the way he looks towards you - this is why your boyfriend is being so agitated and concerned. For the fact that this guy is also your best friend's brother, its possible in the worst outcome he may be using the relationship you have with his sister to 'get to you' ie. her brother has an ulterior motive. THAT is probably why he asked you to add him again on FB.

    I would say don't worry about the deletion of her brother - you are making it too much of an issue for your friend, and you are making your boyfriend's life hard - so don't. If you truly love him, listen to what your boyfriend says and follow his instincts - he is most likely correct in this instance. If your friend is truly your best friend it should not matter at all you deleted her brother and she would not mind it you having done that - after all the relationship is mostly between you and her. If she does ask just tell her you are doing for your boyfriend's sake cos he's paranoid and say you hope she doesn't mind. I do that all the time with my other friends too (I don't add all of their siblings, cos I don't know them very well) so don't worry...

    • Wow! Men have a sixth sense about other people, especially bad people? Never heard that before. I thought it was women with the sixth sense.

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    • This sounds like some good old bullsh*t sort of.. really , your boyfriend hates the guy and you say he's an asshole most of the time and also your friend is just his sister, not him, so why in the hell would you want to be friends with a guy your boyfriend hates and you yourself say he's an ass? it doesn't make any sense

    • First you said he was an asshole. If he is then your boyfriend knows he is an asshole and you should not worry. two, it is facebook! Have you though that most guys don't give 2 shi** who there face book friends are. I agree with the guy above my comment. Guys have a sixth sense. You boyfriend knows that you have or want to sleep with this guy. Chicks are attracted to assholes. That's why he is trying to control your FB friends

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  • Well in relationships you have to make sacrifices. So if you like your boyfriend enough, you will make this sacrifice for him. If you aren't willing to do it, maybe you shouldn't be dating him. I would just delete him and let your friend ask about it. If you tell her about it and it really isn't a big deal to her, you will look pretty foolish for making this seem like a big deal.

  • Your boyfriend can not MAKE you do anything. No respectable guy would MAKE his girlfriend do anything. If you let him, you're only asking to get walked on.

  • Oh FFS. How old are you?

    How long have you been seeing your boyfriend and how close are you to your best friends brother? Surely you can work out which is the more important relationship to you.

    If your best friend gets in a bind because you're no longer her brother's friend on facebook then you all really need to get your heads checked.

    This is total bullsh*t.

    • Yep it was bull. That was my point he blew up when it was something so petty. Of course I ended up deleting my friends brother, and talking to my friend. Everything worked out, it's just the pure hate my boyfriend has for him could have made this stupid ego trip of his way bigger than what it was

  • Think of it the other way, your boyfriend had a friends who's sister was a bitch and you had an long an horrible argument with her. Would you like your boyfriend to keep her on facebook event though you would tell him to delete it? Would like that he wouldn't care how you're feeling about it as much as he cares that his friend would say something about it. Finally, would you like oyur boyfriend to put his friend above you when it comes to a decision ?

    If yes I think you are a Gemini lol

  • Tell your boyfriend to f*** off being a pussy.

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  • that's weird that he hates him, ask him why then.

    • He made a comment about my boyfriend not being good for me. Yea he's an ass, my issue is he doesn't have to deal with him. I'm just tryna keep the peace, and keep things from getting out of hand. I deleted him and talked to my friend so she understands. Thank god, cause I was scared of this blowing up and me losing my friend.

  • Maybe your best friend's brother knows something about your boyfriend that you don't...I would be suspicious. And delve deeper, he's trying to control your friends when you don't even like the brother? That's pretty lame.

  • dude If you're Boyfriend is that controlling, I say dump him .. Like WTF, the controlling ones are the people who end up killing their GF's in a fit of rage over sh*t all.. I say RUN FAST!

    • Idk if her boyfriend sounds that bad but love is supposed to be mutual and agreed upon aside from lots of back handed deeds that will be done eventualy on both sides ....ur boyfriend could be a good worring guy....or he could be a controlling d***.....thats up for you to decide

  • your boyfriend should respect your ability to decide for yourself whos on your Facebook. he sounds a bit controlling and hot headed to get riled up about it. that behavior tends to get worse esp when you give into it, accept it as normal.

    • Yea, that's how I see it. Needless to say it was a big blowout between me and my boyfriend. With me it was the principal. I felt like these people were here before you, why should I re- arrange people because of you. I ended up deleting him, and talked to my girl, she wasn't mad, she went through that with her husband. I'm just mad I gave in. The principal was my issue.

    • The problem is the more you give into the bahavior, the worse it becomes. I understand he's upset the guy said he's bad for you...well maybe the brothers right. your bfs not exactly proving himself to be a mature, secure partner who respects your wishes and ability to decide for yourself.

  • No offense, but why are you still with your boyfriend? Obviously he's jealous of your friend's brother and controlling out of fear he's going to e cheated on from past experience. You need to sit down and be bluntly honest with your boyfriend. Tell him that you are alowed to have guyfriends and he doesn't have the right to controll your friendships and needs to trust you more. (unless your earning his trust back for some reason). chat me and ill go more in depth

    • Think about her boyfriend! if some asshole I hated suddenly started befriending my girlfriend I wouldn't be happy. there's no reason to do such a thing! she says it herself, the guy is an ass!

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