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Is it normal for my boyfriend to curse and degrade me whenever he gets angry about anything?

It's not possible to confront him about anything (no matter how small the issue is) without him threatening to harm himself. He'll curse at me and... Show More

I wouldn't be able to live with the guilt of him committing suicide, he's attempted it in the past...my friends see our relationship as a misery loves company situation. I'm blindly optimistic and fear I'd be throwing away something fixable=/

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  • Honestly girl, I say get out of there. if he is saying that he will harm himself and commit suicide,tell him you will tell someone. and if he truly loves you he wouldn't put you through that and that suicide is a selfish thing. one of my counselors told me that majority of people who say they are going to commit suicide,dont actually do it. they know that you care for them so much, and it is there way of making you do things or hurting you. also,it still needs to be taken seriously if he has attempted before. I also say get out of there,because it is a mentally abusive relationship. he uses what he knows hurts you to get what he wants and make him be the victim. this is not a good relationship to be in it can leave permanent damage to your mental preference. it may be hard, but after two years I think you should break it off because it doesn't matter how long you've already dealt with this, you can't deal with it any longer let alone the rest of your life.

    good luck to you:]

    • Thanks hun, I appreciate the advice. I suppose I should try to ease him out of the relationship by 'taking a break' maybe after some time passes he'll grow accustomed to not having me around...

    • Yeah that would be a safer way:]

What Guys Said 2

  • Leave him! Jeez why is it even a question. Just read some of the guy questions on this site, the world is full of nice guys who want to treat you good, but they don't know how to approach women like you. Stay away from the assholes and find one of the nice guys.

    • The thing is he knows I could easily be with someone that will treat me right, I'm having a hard time figuring out if he cares or not though.

  • If he is doing that he no longer respects you, he might despise you or have other issues, bringing your self esteme down etc...

What Girls Said 2

  • Get your self esteem up and stop putting up with that. If he kills himself its not your fault. well adjusted people w/o issues don't commit suicide. I fail to see how you would be responsible for his suicide if he did kill himself. oh btw people who threaten to kill themselves rarely follow through. they get off on manipulating people to feel guilty so they will stick around out of fear and guilt. if he was so damn suicidal his anger and rage would be directed towards himself, not you. sorry but this man is gonna end up beating the sh*t out of you if you don't walk away now. you are not responsible for another person's actions but you damn sure are responsible for yours! you say you love him so much, you need to LOVE YOURSELF more and get out of this situation. he is not relationship material and you are wasting your time. don't stress out, get wrinkles and bad skin over this guy its not worth it. stress makes you age faster and get ugly

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