Why do people feel the need to "party" when they are younger to "find themselves"?

I mean like younger people... late teens/early 20s... they're out smoking, drinking a lot, casual sex, etc. being stupid basically. honestly, why? I don't see how it helps them "find themselves". I don't do drugs or anything, I'm a virgin and I know who I am. I'm 19 years old, and I'm a... Show More

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  • Hey, my shallow and heartless ex girlfriend was one of those! Had everything great with me, but decided she needed to be a party-animal whore and throw everything away.

    • Hey man I'm sorry to hear that... :(

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    • Boring? No, not boring. You women can just never be happy with anything. It's insane. The fact that you are so bitchy about this, just boggles me. Can't let loose and have a good time? I was in a fraternity, partied my ass off.. Never cared what she did either. Never held her back from time with her friends, tried to always include her in things I was doing. I always tried keeping things fun. Shut your **** mouth and go make someone dinner you useless bitch

    • While I don't agree with the name-calling and gender-role stereotypes being thrown out, I DO agree that women just can't be happy with anything... they always gotta have SOMETHING to complain about in the relationship or the guy is "boring". if you knew what love was, you wouldn't complain about any drama or about your man at all. you'd love and appreciate everything about him. us guys are "good" (or "boring", and treat you RIGHT) because we CARE.

      why make life harder for someone we care about