Why do older men approach me?

but guys my own age don't seem interested in me? I get approached by guys who are at least 10-20 years older than me and this happens A LOT (not bragging..nothing to brag about really) but guys my own age just seem to look past me. Why might this be?


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  • I have the same problem I am almost exclusively approached by men over 35 I am 27. I will say I think I look older and I have been told I am very mature for my age I have had several people guess that I am in my mid thirties recently which is not only hurtful and disheartening but I've asked people to stop guessing my age. I'm looking into getting chemical peels and laser even botox I'm tired of getting hit on by men who are so much older than me. I would really like to date someone my own age. I dated people my own age exclusively until I was 21 and then I dated someone ten years older since then I've had two serious relationships with them ten-12 years older and mostly dated men more than ten years older than me but I'm over it now. I don't want to be changing my husbands diapers. Any thoughts on how to attract a man my own age? I'm in good shape I work out regularly, I have long red hair, I usually wear jeans and sneakers or toms shoes with some sort of blouse and a blazer or leather jacket or sweatshirt of course depending on the shoes. I dress nicely I wear make up every day. I'm not really sure what I'm doing to attract men so much older.


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  • this happens because 80 % of the girls look for guys older than them with a few years, thinking they are more serious.

    After some time you don't bother anymore to look after girls your age...

    • But why would a 40 year old man think a woman his age would want a man OLDER than him? She can't possibly want an 80 year old man..

    • It only applies to teenagers :D

    • Oh ok! that makes sense :) thank you

  • Well some younger women are interested in older guys and others aren't. Sounds like you are not.

    Most guys your age don't understand girls that well. They are shy and/or think YOU will approach them. I was one of these young/dumb guys myself. Older guys understand that they HAVE to take the initiative from experience. They know women like outgoing guys...even if they aren't that outgoing they still will approach you if you are attractive.

    I'm 28 and I actually wrote a post earlier "I like younger girls - but don't want toseem dirty" I suggest you look it up. I find myself dating younger women now. I just have a better idea of what they want.

  • Do you look older? Dress older? Hang out in 'older' crowd places? Looking at your age bracket posted that sounds weird to me... at 29 I don't even really like approaching girls around 21-22... too young for me! So I can't imagine approaching a 21 year old when I was 41. That is just creeper meter 10.

    • Well the MEN say I look older for my age but I really do not think I do! I definitely do not dress older (I'm really casual) or present myself like I'm older...but yet this ALWAYS happens to me.

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  • I'm not sure I get this a lot too but I look younger than my actual age so it's really confusing. I like guys around my age, but it's usually guys like 5 years younger than me or guys 10-20 years older than me that talk to me alot...so I don't know weird. lol.

  • i have this problem too. I think its because I'm chubby and I dress a little different then most girls my age. I still try to stay on trend but I don't show a lot of skin or whatever

  • maybe you look older for your age