Mixed signals, does he just need space or is it really over????

My boyfriend and I had just had our 1 year anniversary. I have PMDD and just found out. He said he will be there for me while I go through this and getting better. I have jealousy/insecurity issues because while we were just dating he stopped seeing me and went back to his ex. He said he needed to... Show More

Yep he called me, he says he misses me and loves me but needs space, he says "give it time, for us".

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  • I do believe that if you give him time, he will come around.

    But my question to you is, do you really want a life time of this kind of treatment?

    If he's doing this now, he's going to do it later. It's part of his personality, and it's ingrained into his behavior.

    Do you want to be 15 years into a marriage, with small children when he decides to yell that he's done, it's over and storms out of the house in front of them?

    Do you understand how traumatizing that would be for them?

    I'm all for love and long term, comitted relationships, but sometimes when we evaluate our partners and they fit the mold that we envisioned, we have to think about the things they bring with them that we didn't envision.

    And understand, this isn't my plea for you to leave him, I'm just trying to present something for you to consider. If you're ok with this, then by all means go for it, but understand he is who he is. Me personally, I'm nobody's victim.