Maximum age difference between a couple before its creepy or discussing?

The girl is 23 the guy is 41, they have been "courting" for about 3 months, he's a great guy never been married but has kids, she is a single mom of 3 been married once, he is at the point in his life were he wants to get married and she is at the point were she wants to be married again, they are great together she gets along with his daughter and he loves and spoils her children, when do you consider it creepy for an age difference? These people care for each other deeply and have known each other a long time but I wonder how people would react to them being married or having kids together.

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  • Well that seems a bit weird to me... You wouldn't happen to be the girl then?

    • No I'm his daughter

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    • I don't care about the age difference I care about how they as my parents would be treated, she takes care of my dad when he's sick or needs her the most.

    • People might talk behind their backs but I don't think anything will affect your family. As long as you're okay with it who cares.