My boyfriend is commenting on other girls' fb pics?

Like pics of girls in their bikinis and he'll say stuff like, "hot damn" or "that girl is way more than cute"

I want to seem confident so I don't say anything about it but I hate that he's making me look like a fool. Girls, how big of a deal would this be to you?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Saying something about it won't make you seem less confident. I'm have complete confidence in my self, and my body but if my boyfriend did anything like that (which he wouldn't) I wouldn't have to think twice about whether or not to say something to him. To me, it's disrespect and disrespect p*sses me off to the point where I have no option but to say something. Don't let anyone tell you that your jealous or insecure because this bothers you! You have a reason to be bothered by something like this because he is your boyfriend and he needs to act like it. In this situation, your boyfriend is in the wrong. I know that people can't always control their thoughts, but they can damn sure control their actions. It's one thing for him to see a picture of a girl and think "she's cute" but commenting the pictures takes it to a totally different level that isn't cool at all. I agree that he is making you look like a fool by leaving those comments, and I think you should put him in his place about it.