My boyfriend is commenting on other girls' fb pics?

Like pics of girls in their bikinis and he'll say stuff like, "hot damn" or "that girl is way more than cute"

I want to seem confident so I don't say anything about it but I hate that he's making me look like a fool. Girls, how big of a deal would this be to you?


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  • Saying something about it won't make you seem less confident. I'm have complete confidence in my self, and my body but if my boyfriend did anything like that (which he wouldn't) I wouldn't have to think twice about whether or not to say something to him. To me, it's disrespect and disrespect p*sses me off to the point where I have no option but to say something. Don't let anyone tell you that your jealous or insecure because this bothers you! You have a reason to be bothered by something like this because he is your boyfriend and he needs to act like it. In this situation, your boyfriend is in the wrong. I know that people can't always control their thoughts, but they can damn sure control their actions. It's one thing for him to see a picture of a girl and think "she's cute" but commenting the pictures takes it to a totally different level that isn't cool at all. I agree that he is making you look like a fool by leaving those comments, and I think you should put him in his place about it.


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  • Being frank.. Lads will look at these pictures nomatter what you do.. Commenting on them like that is different.

    Are these girls just his close friends?... or are they girls he dosen't know what well. Because THAT just isn't acceptable...

    And don't play the 'make him jealous too' card.. because then he will just do it more back to you. it dosen't work.

  • Why does it make you look like a fool? You are obviously not confident if you don't like the possibility that your boyfriend finds another woman cute or hot...

    Do you have to be the only hot/cute girl on earth to be happy?

    Besides, it has become a regular practice to comment on people's pictures on facebook so why do you even bother with that?

    • It makes me look like a fool because it looks like my boyfriend is oohing and ahhhing over other girls bodies behind my back. It's one thing to notice a hot girl, it's another to publicly go gaga over her body

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    • I disagree but thanks for your input

    • Everybody comments on pictures on facebook nowadays, girls or guys. All my friend's list is full of guys and girls telling each other how cute or hot they look on their pictures, that doesn't mean they all want to screw each other...

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  • honestly. confidences have nothing to do with it. you should not deal with that but don't start a arguement over it. simply address your boyfriend like I really don't appreciate you commenting on girls pictures like that. if you don't tell him how you feel he will never know

  • If he is making comments of that nature, I would definitely discuss it with him. Say "hey I noticed some of the comments you've been posting on other girls' facebook photos. You want to explain this to me?"

    See what he says.

  • Eh I'd never accept me it's a big deal..he can look but commenting is stepping over the line

  • there's no problem with my man commenting about other girl's pix, on the contrary I would be worried if we saw a hot girl and he didn't comment. the fact that he hasn't commented about her is worrying because then I suspect that he'll think about her more than he would have if he had only commented, I hope this makes sense to you too. the point is, its better to hear what he has to say about the girl than leaving it to your imagination...

  • If I were you, I wouldn't bother telling him anything. But I would comment on a hot guy's pictures... and it would be sincere. A girl can look as much as she wants too ya know. ;)

  • Is he saying these things to girls you know? Or just random girls online?

    If it was me, I wouldn't say anything to him, but I would start commenting on hot guys just to give him a taste of his own medicine

  • Don't make it a big deal. Yes, it hurts. I know, but he's a guy. That;s what they look at. If you want him to comment a pic of yours then take a good one that you know he might like. I'm not saying your pics are bad, I wouldn't know. Take it as a weird compliment, because those girls may be happy that he said those things but he's yours.