Why is my boyfriend looking at other women and how do I get over it?

My boyfriend and I have been together for years, and already I know that means we're pretty solid. But he's never been the type to check other women out or objectify. However, recently it's become a bit of an issue. Yesterday is case in point, a girl walks down the road and granted even I noticed her, since she was dressed provocatively, and my boyfriend stares at her for a good 20 seconds whilst we were waiting in the car at a junction. I saw him doing it out of his peripherals but he refuses to admit it. My issue is the length of time he looked at this girl and his attempt to disguise it, maybe he just didn't want his ass kicked. He claims not to 'check people out', but I'm not naive. Now I just feel like it means I'm not good enough/not what he wants and also I feel like I should just get over it since everyone claims it's just a guy thing. But it's really hurt my feelings and I feel bad about myself now as a result.


Most Helpful Girl

  • talk to him about it and make sure that he understands that you were hurt by what he did and how he denyed it. Trust with a boyfriend/girlfriend is the key thing and if you talk over your feelings with each other it just makes your feelings towards each other much more stronger to know what's acceptable and what's not. But do not put yourself down because of what he said, tell him straight and you must be good enough because you have been together for years and are solid. Always remember who you are and that's all that matters and love who you are. :)