Need a break. Guys: how long.............

when a great guy says we need a break hun...and then you spill your heart and soul and your both crying...he said maybe about getting back together just not now...he said he needs time. how long do guys need...he hasn't called or texted me back in 2 almost 3 days. I'm so worried I'm losing him so I keep txting him. I kno I shouldn't but I'm terrified. he said ill never lose him hell always be here.


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  • Sounds like something is going on in his life that you don't know about. The irony is that you are perpetuating a self-fulfilling prophecy; the more you contact him the less he'll want you and the less he wants you the more you'll want to contact him. If you want to keep him, you have no choice but to give him time and we all see that through different eyes. Think pragmatically about this, if you lose him, it was never meant to be. Less is more in this case but don't beg or sound like you are worried. Just send a text message every morning saying something like 'thinking of you - here if you need me x'

    Good luck

    • Thanks. so limit it to one a day and that one just so he knows I still love him....


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  • Sorry to say, but probably 9/10 times a "break", is just short for "break up".


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  • :) If someone needs 'space'- 2 or 3 days is not usually considered adequate space-- its like a prelude to space. It usually takes like a few months or a year of actual space. In a real situation like it sounds have, space means trying to figure yourself out, which is pretty difficult for people to do 'with' someone else, by definition,irregardless of how much they like u. Don't take it personally but do not pressure him either. This means practically, is hat you need to do what it is I need to do, to stop being terrified. that's negative energy for you & for him.. He'll pick up on it doesn't matter what you say & it will make him not want to be with u, wether he knows it consciously or not. Use the time to sort your own self out, things like being OK with being a lone & all the great things you can do , even things like : Do you want to give your heart to someone who had no problem just randomly deciding you 'have him he is 'there' for u- you just can't talk to him for a few months? You may come to decide THAT is not healthy for u, no matter how much you like him. Do not mistake what he needs with what is right , and certainly not right for u. A common, sometimes dangerous thing that happens, in relationships is people mistake someones personal taste for 'the way'.

    So take sometime, lose the 'fear' , give him as much space as he wants DONT CALL OR TEXT- its his wish, take him at his word respect it & make him respect u... You do not want him yo- yoing. If he wants space he wants space - don't let him turn you into a ping pong ball.

    Discover some other things about life you love decide objectively if he is one of those things- if you trust him enough to be if he deserves to be & let nature take its course.

    GOOD LUCK :)