Need a break. Guys: how long.............

when a great guy says we need a break hun...and then you spill your heart and soul and your both crying...he said maybe about getting back together just not now...he said he needs time. how long do guys need...he hasn't called or texted me back in 2 almost 3 days. I'm so worried I'm losing him so I keep txting him. I kno I shouldn't but I'm terrified. he said ill never lose him hell always be here.


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  • Sounds like something is going on in his life that you don't know about. The irony is that you are perpetuating a self-fulfilling prophecy; the more you contact him the less he'll want you and the less he wants you the more you'll want to contact him. If you want to keep him, you have no choice but to give him time and we all see that through different eyes. Think pragmatically about this, if you lose him, it was never meant to be. Less is more in this case but don't beg or sound like you are worried. Just send a text message every morning saying something like 'thinking of you - here if you need me x'

    Good luck

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      Thanks. so limit it to one a day and that one just so he knows I still love him....