If a girl says "I love you" to a guy friend, what does that mean?

Does she have feelings for the guy? Or does she just value their friendship?


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  • It depends on how she said it! If she said it kinda of bubbly and smiling really big, it's probably just something she'd say to anyone. BUT if she said it sweetly and softly with a smile on her face, it could mean more. It just depends on how she said it.

    • Well she wrote it down twice to me. Although, she said it to me over the phone after we talked all night til 7 o clock in the morning.

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    • Yeah, that's the thing. We kinda hangout often. I'm actually her best guy friend. She recently just moved me up to the top of her friends list on myspace. It goes: Her best girlfriend, then her little sister, then me. I feel like I just might be a good friend, but I'm always confused by some of the things she does to me.

    • Well it sounds like she really cares for you! Maybe someday it'll become more than just friends for you if that's what you want. Make the initiative though. It's so annoying for us girls to have to do your job! ha ha I'm old-fashioned when it comes to dating

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  • If she looked you in the eyes when she said it she has feelings for you. Id never use the word love to describe my affection towards a guy friend unless I meant it OR UNLESS in a joking manner with my head turned away or shaking after they did something stupid and even that's kinda weird. If there's any question of a guy friend being attracted to me and I wasn't attracted to them, I wouldn't want them to get the wrong idea by using such a powerful term. The girl probably really does love you

    • Well she kinda wrote it down. Once on the sidewalk with chalk, and once on a notebook at work. What do you think?

    • Yep she cares for ya. lol...

  • Friendship love is trust, respecting each other, and each have each others backs. To me that is a love that comes with a bond in true friendship. I'm talking just friends. I tell my best guy friend I love him all the time. I've also made it very clear we are and always have been platonic friends.

    Than again she may honestly be feeling you out for a response. So talk about, I would ask what she means by it. If you believe her than great, if you don't think twice.

  • i say I love you to my male friend from high school. I'm not going say were "just" friends because our friendship means so much to me. we laugh together, tell each other anything, just hearing from him can make me cry. but we both agree our friendship is uncomplicated. we are truly friends.

  • It means she love you like a friend. If she wanted more than friendship, she'd be more guarded with her emotions. Of course, a little disclaimer, everyone is different. You know her best so...


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  • Probability says she value you as a friend, but you can ask.