What does it mean when he gives me a diamond necklace?

GUYS I really need your advice!

basically: we've been dating for a year

My boyfriend is the type of guy to FORGET things like birthdays, anniversaries, and when we've made plans together.

so for me when he called to wish me a happy 1 anniversary I was beyond happy.

Next thing I know a few days after our anniversary past, we went out and he ended the night giving me a really expensive diamond necklace. I honestly don't know how I should read into his gesture.

THE QUESTION: what does it mean when a guy buys a girl jewelry ranging in the $500 area?


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    (Age:18 to 24)

    How old is the guy?

    • He is 26 (paying back student loans along with having other bills to worry about) I would say that he prob. spent around 1/2 his weeks paycheck.

    • For a student 500$ can be his whole savings.

      For a middle aged millionaire it's peanuts. That's quite a difference thus.

  • He really effing likes you, and he probably wants to be with you for a long time.

  • Three possibilities, all equally likely:

    1. He's thinking about proposing but not right away

    2. He's afraid you're going to leave him and he's going all out to keep you

    3. He's feeling really, really, really guilty

    • Haha I agree with this.

  • I would say he LIKES you a lot. He must really appreciate you!