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He used to text me everyday all day, now he just doesn't at all.... is he still into me?

we met online. we when on a date that lasted from 11am-11pm, literally the whole day spent together-we both had fun! so he texted me as soon as I got... Show More

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  • I kinda had the same problem-- I never dated this girl, but we came extremely close to dating. We texted all the time, and almost slept together one night (jameson makes me wind up passing out in hallways). Then we just kinda stopped texting-- she wasn't responding to some of my texts, so I just stopped outright, and she did to.. then last week she texts me out of nowhere saying how she wants to hang out with me and such (she broke up with her boyfriend a month before), and asks why we stopped talking. I told her I thought I was texting to much and didn't want to seem desperate or anything-- turns out she was thinking the same thing. The morale is, he might think he is smothering you. maybe let him know how much you love it when he says goodnite? maybe you could initiate some texts? Just talk to him about it!

    • I did after reading some responses of other people on this site, so I did initiate the text, he texted back but not the usual back and forth we used to have....i think I'll just let this one go....

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