He used to text me everyday all day, now he just doesn't at all.... is he still into me?

we met online. we when on a date that lasted from 11am-11pm, literally the whole day spent together-we both had fun! so he texted me as soon as I got home and asked for a second date the next day! we went to a movie we both didn't like so we could both make fun of it, he brought wine and we had a great time. He continued to text me everyday for a week, night or day to see how I was and just chat about anything-and of course flirt back and forth.

But just recently, he asked if he could drop E with me in a couple weeks...I was skeptical...but said yes. Thinking it would be fun. But since then he doesn't bother to text me anymore! I know he works a lot and he just moved so he's hanging out with his new roommates a lot but...a text isn't too much to ask right? maybe he's just not into me anymore? why would he be texting me everyday for a week straight then just stop?oh and he wanted to split the cost of the drug! before when he took me out-he paid for everything! I don't know if I should even bother anymore...but I really like him! he used to say "sleep well <3". now I get nothing;.

:/ HELP!