What is the best country(s) to find a loyal, unselfish, caring women?

I know that any country in the world you can find a good woman. However from my experiences with traveling, foreign friends and meeting women from other cultures...western women (ESPECIALLY AMERICAN) have a tendency to be the most self centered, confused, miserable in the entire world. Now don't blast me for generalizing, cause they are plenty of decent American girls out there. But do we really have a larger percentage of what I described above. I feel like the odds really play against me living in this country since I'm male, Caucasian

and a "clean cut" guy. I see lots of women with scumbags cause they confuse that with bad boys.

I say all this because I want a serious relationship with a good woman. I really want a wife and kids someday. I want something real. I have been played over and over again by women who "want what they can't have". You bitches giggle about it, but coming from a guy...is it really that funny? ha (cough).

So my question: have any of you guys found happiness with a foreign girlfriend and/or wife? I heard the ukraine, brazil and thailand are good countries for single white western men.

I'm not just talking about pure sex anyway folks. Actually from what I saw if you aren't "entertaining enough" to american girl...you get diddly squat anyway. They are more worried about being "excited" by some comedian...total badass...etc than
actually being "safe". Find a "safe" guy is too boring. Where in cultures it is absolutely necessary (women are happy to have a man who won't beat them). But I not looking to get laid. I'm looking for a women who APPRECIATES men and masculinity
And doesn't look at them as a means to their own boundless ends...


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  • LMAO its all american women's fault. western women are the scourge of the earth! find you a 3rd world mami who has no concept of being treated respectfully and was basically raised to be a 2nd class citizen..that's the ticket! that way when you criticize her and treat her like crap she won't know any better, plus a foreigner probably has no knowledge of resources so when you start to abuse her she won't be able to call for help.

    ok, enough sarcasm. but seriously, instead of blaming an entire culture of women, have you tried evaluating yourself and seeing either what it is you can improve about yourself, OR thought maybe you are going after the wrong type of girl in america? if you can't get it right in america do you really think finding a woman who just wants a green card and an american life will really make you happy?

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      I've been to thailand and dated a girl out there. No she wasn't a prostitute. We meet at a kickboxing camp.

      There was A LOT less bullsh*t out there. A lot less confusion. There were plenty of other major problems though.

      I think all western women need to travel and they will come back home with a new appreciation of how spoiled they are in this culture.

      Remember what I said. Not ALL american girls are this way. But A LOT are. The odds are against me here in the dating dept.

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      majority of American woman are just idiots. Like seriously? a green card? you should get one and maybe you'd word things better.