If you fight a lot in a relationship, what usually ends up happening?

Not what CAN happen just usually what's most likely to happen, that you'll be able to work it out and solve the problems or you'll break up? If you break up will you likely get back together?

I mean what happens to MOST couples in this situation.

  • Vote A Break up
  • Vote B Break up and get back together
  • Vote C Work it out :)
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Does it seem as though you are on opposite sides of the table when you discuss an issue that is important to you? Do you have a sense that you are being heard or acknowledged?

    Conflict is normal in healthy relationships, it's based on mutual respect. The word 'fighting' here may be a red flag. Could be there is a better match out there :) It's difficult to resolve things with anyone who does not value the relationship as much as you do — or someone who is abusive (yelling, name calling, etc.)

    Here's a link that best describes a healthy and unhealthy relationship link