If you fight a lot in a relationship, what usually ends up happening?

Not what CAN happen just usually what's most likely to happen, that you'll be able to work it out and solve the problems or you'll break up? If you break up will you likely get back together?

I mean what happens to MOST couples in this situation.

  • Break up
    53% (37)47% (17)51% (54)Vote
  • Break up and get back together
    16% (11)11% (4)14% (15)Vote
  • Work it out :)
    31% (22)42% (15)35% (37)Vote
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Does it seem as though you are on opposite sides of the table when you discuss an issue that is important to you? Do you have a sense that you are being heard or acknowledged?

    Conflict is normal in healthy relationships, it's based on mutual respect. The word 'fighting' here may be a red flag. Could be there is a better match out there :) It's difficult to resolve things with anyone who does not value the relationship as much as you do — or someone who is abusive (yelling, name calling, etc.)

    Here's a link that best describes a healthy and unhealthy relationship link


What Guys Said 6

  • I don't agree that fighting somehow is good therapy. You don't belong together if you fight a lot.

  • You break up or kill each other.


    I don't fight with women. UNCOUTH... UNTENNABLE...

    If there is a disagreement, let logic be the deciding factor... If she can't get with logic, I get the hell away from that foolish little girl... I would as soon shoot myself dead before I lay a finger on a woman... I am less than a man if I were to hit her...

    • Fights can be wordfights too.

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    • Let logic decide? there is no logic in these fights, you can never argue with logic with someone you're on an emotional relationship with... well men might do, but women would never, you seriously can't win like that, you only win with their same weapon they're using against you if you knew how to use it and fire back... but haha, well, it ain't a war is it? sometimes it can be a battle of survival.

    • Your point being??

      If she is incapable of logical reasoning to a situation, the likelyhood of me tearing my ass like a used piece of velcro is exponentially HIGH! I screen the women Involve myself with.... I have been running into Idiots as of late... The women that understand logical rationale are all taken. Bummer, but oh well... Sh*t happens. Illogical to comlain.

      But I do not wear my emotions on my sleeve. I only show emotion when necessary. Some say I am cynical and frigid.

  • link

    It's not easy. Not easy at all. I wish our bickering would stop but she is so damn emotional.

  • If you fight from early on, how's it going to last when things get more serious?

    For me exclusive relationships are about security, comfort and peace of mind. I don't need to be with someone that reminds me of my mother.

  • I can't stand being in a relationship where we are always butting heads. The problems will just end up getting worse and you will just get sicker of each other. pretty soon you will be fighting over what kind of color looks best on someone else's socks


What Girls Said 6

  • I always work it out with my boyfriend. We all have stupid fights and than fights that are needed to make it a stronger and trusting relationship.

  • If I was in relationship like that and If it were a real fight I'd choose A.

    If it were just arguing and a little stupid bullsh** I'd choose C.

  • If we are fighting a lot and have tried working it out but it didn't help, then unfortunately breaking up is the only other solution

  • in almost all relationships constant fighting leads to a bad break up.

  • It depends on your age, what you're looking for... If you're in your 20s and it's just a fling, you break up. If it's more on the serious side, you keep fighting, and then eventually break up...

    If you're married or both of you want to get married later, you try and work it out.