Okay so I think guys should be treated like dogs!

honestly I realize the more you treat them like sh*t the more they'll be there begging you. y? well cause if you treat him nicely he gets bored and just ends up using you


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  • If you come off easy yea, we'll use you.

    If you treat us like garbage, we'll use you just because you are treating us like garbage.

    You need to start hanging out with the right guys. Guys like it when a girl knows what she wants and sticks too it. Personally, I like my ladies to act like a lady. You don't have to treat us like sh*t to get your point across. Difference is, we'll actually listen, when it's done right. That's what gets me begging. When a woman can be a forward about what she wants or doesn't like and still does it in a classy way. Put me in my place but be a lady.


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  • Sad, very sad. If you're determined to think this way of other human beings without giving good people (truly good people, I mean, not the pretenders) a chance, I pity your outlook on life.

  • Well I think that could apply to anybody, though. People want approval and they'll go out of their way to get it but when they do, they get bored, I guess. It's part of being human, I guess.

    I don't think anybody, male or female, deserves to be treated like an animal. If they're trying to use you, just walk out the door.

  • That applies to anyone with no self esteem.

  • Guys are human beings as much you are. Not even pets deserve to be treated that way. If a guy does end up using you or taking you for granted there are other ways to deal with that.

  • Put it into practice then, and see how many guys walk (or run) the other direction after they get tired of it.

  • I haven't heard of any of guys like that, that's a girl thing. both use each other if you want to take there.

  • Well, I found when I was younger that treating women in the same manner got me farther. It has to do with the fact that people your age (girls and guys, but girls especially) are both extremely shallow and inexperienced.

  • thats why girls always go for the bad boys, assholes, douchebags

  • And we have another girl with poor taste in men that's blaming it on all of us. I don't think being a bitch is going to help your case.

  • ouch lol...not all of us use girls...

  • i don't know where your getting that from cause if a girl treats me like sh*t I deffinatly WONT want her anymore...I'd rather a girl be sweet to me and show she loves me etc


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  • Okay so I think girls should be treated like dogs honestly I realize the more you treat them like sh*t the more theyll be there begging you. y? well cause if you treat her nicely she gets bored and just ends up using you

    The golden rule, hon. Treat others as you would like to be treated.

  • There is some truth to this statement... but honestly, I wouldn't be verbally, psychologically or emotionally abusive with him because that's just wrong. Just play suuuuuuper hard to get and don't let him get "the goods" for a looong time. Figure out what kind of person he REALLY is for a few months. It can't hurt to be patient and REALLY figure out how he works. If he likes you... he WILL wait for you to give it up. If he doesn't... there are billions of fish in the sea. It's true... and you don't need anyone to complete YOU, so don't sweat it and don't forget it. ;) Guys AND girls get bored with relationships... but if someone REALLY likes you, they will fight past the boredom, appreciate the little things about you that they like... and stick around for the long haul. You also have to TRY and keep the relationship new and interesting. Even couples who have been married for a long time have to work on keeping things interesting.

    • "If he likes you... he WILL wait for you to give it up" not true at all, some guy will and others won't

  • not exactly. It should be more like, if a guy keeps talking like he IS a dog, AND he wants you to treat him like one then go ahead and do it.

    I mean if I keep talking like I am a QUEEN and I WANT someone to treat me like a QUEEN, then they should go ahead and do it.

    Golden rule right?

    Anyways for example: A guy brags about the way his ex treated him like a dog and it was awesome. Whenever she wanted sex she would be like, hey dog, come and LICK ME NOW! then he goes barking and licking his lips all happy... and that's how he wants you to TREAT him... so you do ahead I say... treat him like a DOG because he wants to be treated that way...

    yeah... my 2 cents.