Okay so I think guys should be treated like dogs!

honestly I realize the more you treat them like sh*t the more they'll be there begging you. y? well cause if you treat him nicely he gets bored and just ends up using you


Most Helpful Guy

  • If you come off easy yea, we'll use you.

    If you treat us like garbage, we'll use you just because you are treating us like garbage.

    You need to start hanging out with the right guys. Guys like it when a girl knows what she wants and sticks too it. Personally, I like my ladies to act like a lady. You don't have to treat us like sh*t to get your point across. Difference is, we'll actually listen, when it's done right. That's what gets me begging. When a woman can be a forward about what she wants or doesn't like and still does it in a classy way. Put me in my place but be a lady.