What does it mean when a guy says "I love you" to a female friend, instead of "love ya"?

The person who says it usually just writes to me in text talk, except at the end of our conversations, and when I end the conversation by saying "luv u" or something similar, he says "I love you" back, spelled out completely. Does this mean anything, or am I looking into it too much?

  • He most likely has feelings for her.
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  • It probably doesn't really mean anything special.
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  • Other (please explain).
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  • "I love ya" is more colloquial -used in a casual, chatty sense- whereas "I love you" is a lot more serious.

    Although you may be looking into it too much, if he spells all his other texts properly then I wouldn't worry, however if this is the only thing he spells properly then take note.


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What Guys Said 3

  • well I would right love you if I didn't really mean

    but I love you, well that's serious

    but it depends

    sumbody who usually spells things with 3s instead of Es

    and l8ter, h8, cya, would probably spell it like love ya

    and sumone like me who spells things out would only use

    "i love you" if I had feelings for a girl

  • means they really care for them

  • If I wrote that it would either be a VERY good friend or someone I care about romantically.


What Girls Said 2

  • Couldn't have said it better than TheGoodTheBadTheHOT. When I'm texting someone and tell them I love them, I spell it out, "I love you" because I type out everything else that I say. I also don't like the sound of "love YA". I might say it that way verbally sometimes [usually in mockery], but I don't like writing or texting it that way. It feels insincere to me and I don't like the stigmas attached to it. I don't use too many abbreviations either because that's just not my style. So if his style is to spell everything out, you're probably looking too far into it. That's just how someone like that texts. If he uses a lot of common text-speak, but spells out that one thing, it might be worth looking into because it was obviously a conscious decision on his part to spell it out on purpose.

  • I think you're looking too much into.Actions speak louder than words.Many people say things but their actions speak otherwise.

    My best guy friend and I say "I love you" to each other.We love each other but not romantically!