Any suggestions for getting over my distrust of women?

I'm a nice guy and have hung out mostly with other nice guys. In the course of that I've had numerous friends who have been cheated on. Also being the nice guy has caused me to be messed with by a few women and sometimes put me in the friend zone where women have confided in me of their real feelings and how they've slept around, cheating on other men.

The one friend I have who would probably be considered a bad boy has slept with two older married women at the house we share. This makes me realize how easily and often some women cheat.

Another incident that didn't help was when I used to deliver pizza and a woman in a bathrobe was trying to get me to come in because her husband was passed out drunk in bed unable to satisfy her (I'm dead serious).

I'm getting so lonely but I have purposely self destructed the last two relationships I was in before they got too serious out of fear of being hurt. What can I do, if anything?


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  • you have to realize that not all women are that way. I myself am 22 years old and I've only dated one guy and have briefly dated 3 others all of who have hurt me. a lot of my male friends just wanna bang me which I hate and I feel that its what most guys want out of a girl and it kinda hurts to be honest. trust me: not all women are like that...the women that are like that are that way because they THINK its what all guys want! (sorta like my situation except that I don't give in)...a lot of women seem to think that if they don't sleep around it will be impossible to get guys and a lot of women who have been hurt in the past like to keep their options open and have more than one guy in case they get hurt again which is why your friends have been hurt. I would say that it depends where you go looking for girls...i'm gonna say: try shy girls or girls that don't have any relationship experience or very me: they exsist! when I tell people that I've never had a serious relationship they are shocked but I guess its because I'm picky and feel that all guys just want me for sex...there are many other girls too but many won't openly admit it until you get to kn ow them very personally...and whose to say that your firends' female friends have all put them in the friends zone? sometimes the girl dosen't wanna be obvious that she likes the guy so she trwats him like a good friend and tells him everything in hopes of gaining is trust and telling him herself one day---that was the strategy I took with the only guy I actually liked and dated...

    help me please? and feel free to ask any questions:)

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      Good answer...I am 41 and still single....I have trust issues too!!

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      Answer mine please?

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      I appreciate your insight. Not all guys just want you for sex (I want a connection but am afraid of betrayal). What you say about women keeping options open is what I fear, I don't want to love a woman that is using me as an option and I know what you say about the "option" is true because like I said I have been the "friend" of many women since I'm the nice guy type that ends up in women's friend zones. Most women aren't like you with the friend zone, it usually means rejection.