Does extended eye contact from a guy always mean the same thing no matter what age they are?

Does it always mean they find you attractive and are interested?

Is it the same meaning from a guy if they are 15 or 55?

And guys... I really was interested if it meant the same thing nomater the age


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  • I'd say yes it means they are attracted to you and are interested. It's the same meaning for all guys. They never grow up. They just get older. :)


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  • What happened to the realization that he's looking because he wants to. More often than not, I look when I find something/someone that's interesting to me. The statement "i'm interested in them" seems more than far-fetched for a glance/stare/etc

    Which means I'll look when she is:

    - Having fun

    - Talking

    - Laughing

    - Jumping up and down expressing her dork side

    - etc

    ~ ArtistBBoy

  • Looking could mean anything from intrest too hate. However if they smile, that's a clue that they like you but its not concrete. If you like them smile back etc. because if you don't they will loose intrest!

  • No, Guys don't use eye contact to flirt. It is the worst flirting I've ever heard of! Sure a guy may look over and smile... the smile is the flirty bit, just looking over means nothing to the male gender. I really do hate this, as I make eye contact to be polite when speaking and it is seen as flirting when it really isn't. And I have the tendancy to daydream whilst staring at nothing, anyone to pass in front of me would think I'm gawking at them.

    • You got it all wrong. We weren't talking. He is usually like 15_20 feet away from me. And it keeps happening. To me. Different senrios. Same stare. He may just turn around and stare right at me.

    • Nah, I knew what you meant, I like adding extra... I still don't see it as flirting, generally it's nothing. If it was at all anything it would only be a guy trying to get an eyeful nothing he would actually invest time in. Any guy that turns to look isn't going for eye contact believe me.

  • nothing against you, but I HATE questions like this... we're not all made off 1 template, just like all girls aren't. some of us look at the floor when we talk to people, some of us eyes, some of us chest. its just is, stop trying to read into it. nothing's worse then some girl trying to flirt with me because I looked at her for a few min cause she reminded me of someone, or her shirt said something and I was trying to read it (yes, sometimes we actually are trying to read what it says, if you're pants say paws off on their ass don't get bitchy about us looking, you want it.)

    • Chill dude. If you don't like the question don't answer it.

  • Extended eye contact from different people doesn't necessarily mean the same thing, period. I'm the kind of person who just looks people in the eyes, period--whether that means I'm interested in you, trying to figure out if I recognize you, talking to you as a friend, or waiting for you to get out of my way. It might mean the same thing, but it doesn't necessarily mean anything.

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  • Well, we'd need more information.

    But since he's doing this from a distance, you two haven't had much verbal contact and he STILL keeps turning around and staring ... he's likely interested in you. (Unless you noticed this with many people of both genders. In which case you probably flap your arms around a lot or appear very unusual and noticeable to people lol? But that's rare.

    Perhaps he heard a crazy rumour or a story about you and is trying to figure it out ?)

    You should make a move, however.

    To be fair, it's a bit mad that he would do this all the time lol. I guess he's what you'd call a "self-unaware" person.

  • i hope not...that would mean the already sketchy old men in my neighborhood just got creepier...

  • no.. not exactly.. there are a number of "or" in the answer..

    so all I am gonna say is maybe you resemble someone they know and they are trying to recognise.

  • does it mean the same thing when you do it every single time the same as when you were 15?

    • Idk

    • If you don't now what you do- ho do you expect other people to now what other people do?

    • Haha

  • as far as I know, YES.

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