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Why would he say he loves me then leave?

So I met this guy at school about two months ago. He sat down next to me, we flirted, exchanged numbers, then we started hanging out a lot. He asked... Show More

What's your problem anyway? Picking a fight with a random person? And you can't even show who you really are? I already think I know what your username really is...

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  • wow that was mean what he said! I don't think your selfish, I have no clue where he got that. The guy you were with sounds like all he wanted was sex. Don't mistake infatuation with love. Usually the sex makes you think you love that person. Good thing you took the morning after pill since he wasn't going to be around like he said he was. If he says things and his actions don't match then he doesn't love you. You just had to find out the hard way, but just learn from your mistakes. Guys will say anything to get sex.

    • Thanks girl. Ur too kind. Ya I realized that my ex is no good for me and I'm better off without him. And thanks I don't think I'm selfish either for possibly going to court to get money from him for an abortion or child support. He made the baby too.. that is if I'm pregnant. And I wouldn't be surprised if the guy saying those mean things is my ex writing that. He does know about this site....

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