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How can I get this guy to stop playing games with me?

This guy has been playing me like a fiddle and it has finally reached a point where I am just done. How can I show him that I am not participating... Show More

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  • I can't honestly see why someone (men/women for that matter!) would want to play games. Especially with someone you care for. I know there are theories that state, by playing games you can lure the other partner in or get them more interested.

    It is sad that many believe they have to result to playing games to make a relationship work or turn out as they envisioned. All it does is put you on an emotional roller coaster, which is unhealthy.

    What has happened to good old fashioned emotional maturity & open communication about your expectations?

    Which is much more likely to get better results & make the whole process a lot less complicated!Personally, I don't take people seriously that play games. No person is a pawn on a chessboard.

    You have one of 2 choices dear. Either play the game with him or move on to someone that knows what they want.

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