My boyfriend is afraid to leave his mother's house?

I am a overly concern about certain happenings in my relationship. My Boyfriend is afraid to leave his Mother house so that we can pool our salary to start a family. he does not directly come out and say it but saying he have to help out his mother financially said a lot ( he can't afford to do that now). which he himself in financial difficulty which I have to help with. this will make two years going since he last spend a night by me. So what do I do about these problems: 1. my boyfriend mother told me she does not approve of her 24 year old son sleeping out? and obviously I can't sleep by him, his mother don't allow it. 2. my boyfriend excuse from his mother is what if something happen at their home through the night? 3. is it okay to be in a serious relationship for 3 1/2 years and no partner spend the night by one another? 4. every time I tell my boyfriend his mother doing too much for him and still treat him not as a grown man he gets mad and defensive. I mean his... Show More