Help, my boyfriend is always talking to this girl, am I overreacting?

ok so I have to be honest, I have trusting issues due to past relationships and I constantly get jealous of other girls, I live with my boyfriend for the past 5 months and first of all I feel like he never/doesn't like telling anyone I'm his girlfriend, he says that he doesn't need to discuss his private life with anyone, of course all of our close friends know and everything but when it comes to people online, for example facebook, or whatever,

he makes me feel like I'm not important..

also, he is always talking to other girls on facebook, I know it's harmless but it bugs me, he spends a lot of his time there, talking to people, I feel like he doesn't give me enough attention, I do believe he loves me because he is sweet when we do spend time together but he isn't that affectionate in public..

also like a month ago we met this girl at a club he is a dj/club promoter and he doesn't mind me going with him at all, in fact he likes it, but this friendship with this girl is making me feel insecure, first of all she came up to him telling him how good his music was, they chat for a bit and the girl apparently wasn't from here, was just visiting, and then before we left he asked for his number/facebook account and invited her to one of his clubs where he promotes, I mean..why did he had to do that?

he also said that there's nothing wrong with that and he did it because he was going to introduce her to a friend of his.. well the girl went back to the city where she's from and they text and talk online everyday, when I confront him about it he gets super mad and yells at me.. I think is very unfair considering he gets super mad if I talk to guys online, I don't get it

I even tried to make friends with this girl to be less jealous but it's not working, they talk for hours, and this girl has a boyfriend but still I don't trust her, and thing is something similar like that happened before, he was talking to this girl online and that girl literally threw herself at him, and he didn't really said no or yes, I got really mad and he stopped talking to this girl but when it comes to this other girl that he talks everyday, he gets really mad like he is choosing her over me.. I can't stop crying, he makes me feel so guilty, I'm tired of him being a jerk and defending this girl so much, I don't understand why he likes her so much..

and why he has to talk to her everyday...


im really starting to dislike this girl she keeps on bothering him, talking to him on facebook, and since he is super nice, doesn't like to tell people to "back off" he is going along with it, I know that that the stuff they talk about is harmless.
but still it gets on my nerves, and she looks for any dumb excuse to start a convo, I mean I'm starting to believe she likes him but my boyfriend is too "nice" naive" to realize that, I know he loves me but it's very annoying, I don't know what to do
I don't want to ask him, it's me or her because I don't want to sound like a posessive controlling jealous girlfriend eather..
should I just deal with it? I mean it seems like I'm gonna have to for who knows how long..she's suppose to come here to visit her mom which she lives around my area..sigh

im tired of this..


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  • I had a boyfriend long time ago, he was a Dj and promoter for clubs and he has tons of female friends never really bothered me (surprisingly cause am the jealous insane trust issues type of chick)

    and he always said that he was doing it for the business and to promote etc etc and he was a friendly guy in general.. He had numerous friends and stuff on his MySpace and facebook like about 1000 friends.i don't know if its a DJ thingy, but I never really caught him cheating... yeah Ithink he was all the way...

    Now If I were you I would simply try to be friends with her again and try to meet with her or something.. then if he gets mad about it, then there is something wrong here.. But why is he getting mad about you worrying about this... its your right and you re not allowed to talk to guys so why does he get to do that!? Tell him that its making you uncomfortable and that you would prefer if he doesn't do it too much... try this if it doesn't work then get a close guy friend and show him how you feel!

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      Thank you! I'm glad you understand, yeah he is very friendly, outgoing abd his job is to talk to people and he says if he talks to girls it's all business related, he actually hates his job and says if he didn't had to do this he didn't hto deal with all of this, about this girl he says it's just pure friendship and he doesn't mind me being her friend at all, the girl is actually nice as far as I'm concern, maybe it's just me being paranoid, he gets mad apparen he says I don't trust him.

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      Yeah well it could be that I can understand where you re coming from since he is a DJ and am like you, I get jealous and paranoid... If she's nice then talk to him about it without fighting over it... and see how it goes. thanks for the best answer too...