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Why is my boyfriend so distant lately?

For the first month and a half that we were dating my boyfriend was awesome-he was really sweet and funny and hung out with me every chance he could.... Show More

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  • There's an old joke about this woman asking all kinds of questions about why her husband is so upset and distant that day. She thinks she really did something wrong to hurt him, so she makes it up to him. (you get the picture).

    Then you show the man's point of view. "The Badgers lost again. Got some sex from my wife though, so today ENDED good."

    It could be something relationship wise, but it could also be work, or his team lost, or he's just simply not in the mood. It happens to both genders.

    I know personally that sometimes I'll go into a retrospective mood, where my mind is everywhere except where it's supposed to be. It's not that I'm angry. In fact, I don't think I even give off a angry vibe. But everyone wants to know what's wrong when they finally notice I got quiet, (which I actually do a lot. It's just people don't notice).

    Either way, the only way to fix this is some good old communication - not arguing, but communication. If he doesn't want to talk, he doesn't have to, but let him know it would help, then let him be. Sometimes we just have to get over whatever it is annoying us.

    Hope this helps.

    • Yeah that's a really good point. I just wasn't sure if I was over thinking it or if I'd actually done something. Thanks for the advice!

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