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Why do only white women, NOT black women approach me in bars, on the street, in stores, etc.?

At 57,I'm regarded by a lot of the ladies as a boyishly hand- some black lad despite my muscular,beefy build(5'8'',214 lb.,17.5'' biceps amongst... Show More

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  • I can't speak for all black women but I was taught that approaching a strange man will give him the wrong idea about you. I just don't do it personally. I prefer a guy that takes the lead and prefers to approach women.I know a lot of white women that think its OK to approach a guy and go after what they want I guess that's how they were raised.But I know a bunch of black girls that will approach a guy too. I just think more non-black women do it than black women. Also it might have something to do with the way you look or what kind of women you're seen with. If I see a guy and he's always with white girls I will just assume he's not into black girls and I wouldn't think of pursuing him. Most of us like it when the guy takes the dominant role and approaches us. if you see a black girl that you like and you're feeling her, why not go up to her and approach? Most of the black women you're around can probably tell you prefer buxom blond white girls so why would they bother? also if you're like 57 why expect a younger black girl to be interested in you for anything other than money? No offense I'm just being real!

    • Agreed, I wouldn't date or be interested in a man your age. I just wouldn't have much in common with you to be able to build a "long-lasting" relationship with you that wasn't built on what you could give me.

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  • black girls usually don't approach.. that is y I think... approach us

  • You don't date black women lol. We're not dumb, deaf, or blind so we probably see you chasing after the hot blond, or we hear the word on the street is you only go for blonds, or sometimes we can just tell by the way you look at us. Me personally, I usually don't approach any guy so maybe that could be a factor. But most women know when a man is interested and if you're not interested why waste the time?

    • Also you should see who you surround yourself with, if you hang around only white guys or you hang out with black guys who all also have a blond on their arm, it's kind of a sign to black women that you won't be interested.

    • Totally agree with Charnelle. In addition, I would never approach a guy and ask him out.

  • err... I don't quite get this, but your 57 y/o?--your probably approached by them because of your build..

  • honestly if you refer white girls why would you even want black girls to approach you anyway? And second most black girls don't approach men in the first place unless there desperate, ghetto, just looking for sex, or just have too much self-esteem for there less than looks.

  • hi

  • I've never gone up to a stranger and hit on them. I'm use to guys hitting on me. If I'm even remotely hitting on a guy it means I must know you somehow. School work whatever. Those girls that hit on you I give him props cause that takes a lot of guts to maybe get rejected.

  • I don't know

  • becasue you're old as hell and probably come off corny. this question was corny so you probably are corny in real life too. black cowboy? lmao

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  • cuz your not a rapper, thug, criminal, or some other kind of stereotype... c'mon Burt... you been around... ya ddnt need to ask this question, man. You already knew it

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