Why don't women deliver pizza?

just wondering...


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  • Because they're the ones in the kitchen cooking it, of course.

    But seriously, I don't know when the last time I saw a lady delivery person. I remember it was for Domino's, but can't remember when. I guess it's just not the first place that girls go when they need a job.


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  • I've seen a few who do, but not many. Why don't more? Safety thing I guess. When I used to work at Wendy's when I was younger, they told me only men were allowed to take the garbage out because they weren't allowed to ask a female to do any job that required exiting the building. I'm not sure if it was the law or just corporate policy.

  • i've actually seen a couple out here but I think maybe women don't apply for that job that often.

  • Hmm that is a good question. lol I don't think I have ever seen a woman delivering any kind of food before. I have never even noticed before.

  • I've seen it happen, but usually they also pack heat. Most have a gun, a tazer, and pepper spray in some combination somewhere easily accessible on their person.

  • I've...I've never thought about that. It's true, why don't women deliver pizza. Also, why are women news reporters allowed in men's locker rooms for interviews, but men news reporters aren't allowed in women's locker rooms for interviews?

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  • I never really thought about it before, because I've known a few girls who've done deliveries where I live. But in more highly populated areas, I would assume that it's as a few others have said, for safety reasons.

  • I don`t know but I`m gonna apply for the pizza delivery position and if they reject me because I`m a girl then I`m going to take them to America and sue their asses...yh

  • they do! I live in colorado part time and when I am there and order dominoes I have seen a few women deliverers.

    • really? In cali. they don't .. I've never seen it

  • I was just thinking that. No joke, haha. I'm sure some ladies deliver pizza out there though, somewhere in this world...hahaha.

  • I was looking for a job and saw a pizza place that was hiring..and asked what positions..the guy said "delivery" and I said OK, I can do that, and he actually told me no, that I couldn't do it. And I asked why and he said because I was a girl and he wasn't sexist, but that they only let men be delivery guys... I was a little offended, but I guess it does make sense somewhat...it's safer for men to go to strange ppl's houses...b/c they're "physically stronger"...women going to ppl's houses I guess is more risky...but I've had plenty of creepy delivery men up-n-down me with that super creepy look...so sometimes I'd even prefer it if a woman delivered to my door..i'd feel safer

    • yeah.. maybe that's why.. I just noticed it too. You are right some pizza guys are super scary lol I would feel safer if a girl delivered pizza to my house but I wouldn't mind a guy doing it if he wasn't scary looking

    • Yea that makes sense. I have never seen a woman deliver packages either. I had a female mail lady once. But that is it. Never UPS or Fed Ex or anything like that.

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