I think my boyfriend loves me TOO much! What do I do??

I really do love my boyfriend and I don't want to break up with him, but it scares me knowing that he will never ever break up with me and that he will never love another girl as much as he loves me. I feel like I'm tied down to him but I don't want this serious of a relationship in high school. Please help!


Most Helpful Girl

  • I'm in a similar situation.. we have been together for four months.. he's my first everything yet he is 523532x more in love with me than I am with him.. he has never felt the emotions he feels for me for anyone else.. it kinda freaks me out because he tells me he wants to wife me up in the future and he never told anyone that before.. I'm nervous that my feelings for him will fade and he will just love me too much.. HE HAS TOLD ME I AM "THE ONE" .. that's kinda freaky! especially because he is my first boyfriend.. I don't know what to expect.. what I should be feeling.. how I should be reacting to these foreign situations.. I care for him a lot and I really like him.. But I am not NEARLY as infatuated by him as he is with me.. And it kind of scares me because I feel that once I feel the same feelings towards him, he will suddenly fall out of love with me because that tends to have happened in my past.. once I became ready, the guy has moved on.

    I guess we just have to take life as it comes.. no specific expectations except for a learning experience. Let fate run its course, and if you were meant to be.. you WILL be together, and if not, you will figure it out.. it will be figured out. everything happens for a reason. you just have to worry less and live more! :)