What does it mean when a guy gets jealous?

I'm in middle of something with this guy, we made out a few times and we get along pretty well. Yesterday we were a t a party and I was talking with a guy friend who told me next day that while he was talking to me my guy was staring at him all pissed and angry.

Also a guy that likes me was talking to me, and trying to kiss me and getting really close. and I saw my guy totally pissed staring at us, he then came after a few minutes grabbed my face and kissed me in front of the other guy. He then didn't let me go the whole night.

You think he really likes me or he just pissed because he wanted to make out with me ?


Most Helpful Girl

  • He could actually like you. It sounds like it to me. Jealousy is good sometimes but other times it can lead up to bad things. You don't want to be with a guy who's overly jealous because he could be controlling or/and abusive. I've been there. I'd watch with this guy. Proceed with caution. If he gets jealous with another guy and he knows you guys are just friends then he's too jealous for any kind of relationship. If not then he really likes you!