What makes a girl fall inlove with a guy?

When you fall in love with a guy what is it about him that makes you fall in love?


Most Helpful Girl

  • I just have to feel that kind of 'connection' lol. Like the guy I fell for, the first time I talked to him, something in my mind just clicked and I thought "he's different." I didn't think it meant much then, but we just got closer, and now he's a huge part of my life.

    I guess certain things that got me were just the way that he showed I could trust him completely; he would always tell me I could talk to him about anything, and when I would, it would always help. And he never judged me harshly for anything I told him.

    And the way that he would give me a random compliment to make me smile. The way he remembered little things I told him. The way he would ask me how I was doing because he really wanted to know, and he wouldn't let me get away with frowning.

    There were a million little things that made it happen lol. I couldn't even list them all, but those are what come to my mind first.