What makes a girl fall inlove with a guy?

When you fall in love with a guy what is it about him that makes you fall in love?


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  • I just have to feel that kind of 'connection' lol. Like the guy I fell for, the first time I talked to him, something in my mind just clicked and I thought "he's different." I didn't think it meant much then, but we just got closer, and now he's a huge part of my life.

    I guess certain things that got me were just the way that he showed I could trust him completely; he would always tell me I could talk to him about anything, and when I would, it would always help. And he never judged me harshly for anything I told him.

    And the way that he would give me a random compliment to make me smile. The way he remembered little things I told him. The way he would ask me how I was doing because he really wanted to know, and he wouldn't let me get away with frowning.

    There were a million little things that made it happen lol. I couldn't even list them all, but those are what come to my mind first.

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  • What? Ok there are a lot of elements that come to mind for me to fall in love with a man.

    Communication: I want us both to be able to talk to one another about whatever without fear that the other will judge or berate us.

    Effort: If he puts in effort as much as I do it is a good match and I'm happy. One sided relationships are a huge turn off.

    Constructive criticism: I need him to be able to say no to me or to disagree with me if he feels he needs to. It shows that he has his own mind and trusts me enough to know that I won't walk away if he views things differently.

    Support: If he can support me in times of need than I appreciate it emmensely.

    Affection: Affection is important to me. I need a nice blance of it and yes it is a give and take.

    Laughter: It's important to be able to laugh in life. Life is hard at times and if I'm with someone I can't laugh with than it's a bad sign.

  • A sexy ass, cut forearms, and incredible eyes are all good but to fall in love is all personality and interaction. I like a man that is confidant but not cocky, youthful but a gentleman, romantic but not sappy, strong but not a meat brain, who has a good heart but has room at the top for me. I want him to make me a priority but to have a life of his own as well. I want him to treat me as an equal and respect my opinion but have his own opinion. These are some of the things that would make me fall in love. That and 3 or 4 martinis :)

  • I think what it is is the realization that despite his faults (as we all have them) you can't live without him. You can't make up your mind without knowing what he thinks, you make some decisions based on his favorite things, and whenever you think of your future he's always in it. Then you realize you love him. At least that's how I view it. You don't know you love him till it hits you and you are in awe after admitting it to yourself! It's a great feeling!

  • It's what you do. The cheesey little things, like holding open a door, buying flowers and walking her home always help. But kind words and being there when she needs a friend more than a lover always help.

  • it's really differemt for every girl, I'm sure. But when a girl meets a guy who is raelly interested in getting to know her as a person. WHere she's from, her childhood, what she likes, what she dislikes. It makes them like them more, or fall in love with you. Because girls get tired of guys who only want sex.

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