Can a purely sexual relationship with a lot of chemistry turn serious?

I met this guy on a intimate dating site.we talked for about 2 months first before we met,. Once we met it was instant attraction, we were kissing within the first 3 mins.We have seen each other 6 times.we always keep in contact.but when we are on msn he says things that lead me to believe he likes me more than he is letting on.He had said that I was the best meet he ever had, and he is always complimenting me.but he will sometimes pull away for a bit.still talk.but we won't see each other for weeks again.Needless to say I am totally inlove with this guy and I think he likes me a lot more as well.Can this sexual relationship turn serious.


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  • To keep is short and simple, yes. It is possible to take something purely sexual and have it become serious. It's just like having a relationship that's purely work related become more. It really all just depends on if the other factors you'd like to have in your boyfriend are there too. Some people could be really fun for one thing and with that one thing you have a great time, but that doesn't mean the person is going to be fun with everything. But when those things you like are there it's possible for a relationship based on one thing to become more. You just have to watch out when that one thing is sexual. All people will work to get what they want. It may or may not be conscious, but people will try to give the other person what they want to get what he/she wants. So you have to make sure the person is being sincere. The other thing when it's based off purely sexual feelings is if those sexual lustful feelings go away. Make sure that you can be together when it isn't all hot and heavy and do regular stuff as well. Too many people get lust and infatuation confused with love.

    So to sum up. You need to make sure the person isn't trying to just get what he wants from you, thus may be acting like he's more into you then he is just to get sex. You also should make sure that you both get along when sex isn't involved. If both those things hold, then yep. Sexual can become serious.

    • Thanks for the responses back boys...anyways to the last guy that replied to me..he is genuine, and very respectful...We do not always talk sex, and I will admit that we never did have sex until the third meet, but yes we were still intimate those other times...but he said many wonderful things to me afterwards that showed his strong attraction..(not just sexual) yes I want to get to the point with him where we actually could go on a date and really get to know one another on that kind of level.

    • I think you basically says it all !!! :)


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  • sounds like he' s trying to get you more and more interested. Playing a little hard to get and mysterious. We give a little love, then hold back a little. makes the chase a little more interesting,

    until a relationship actually starts. Then the fires are a lot brighter, so to speak.

  • The only difference between humping and a relationship is the way you converse with one another. Sure, if you and him both want it, it could turn into more than just sex.


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  • That's how my current relationship started. So yes I strongly believe that.